What journalists do that get PR people upset

Update: “After seeing your post I thought it might be a good idea to follow up and confirm that the list was, indeed, a parody,” says the author.


“This is by far the most clueless, entitled, insane list of complaints I’ve ever seen,” writes the journalist who sent me a link to the gripes of PR people. “That it’s a BuzzFeedy listicle complete with goofy gifs makes it pretty much perfect. It almost seems like parody, but apparently it isn’t.”

What PR Newser’s readers don’t like about reporters:
1. Greeting pitches with total silence
2. Answering the phone like a jerk
gripes3. Refusing to use the phone at all

4. Evading us completely
5. Forgetting the client’s name during an interview
6. Deviating from the topic at hand
7. Expecting us to deliver resources at the last minute
8. Not letting us know when a story goes live
9. Agreeing to an interview/product review and never writing about it
10. Procrastinating on writing an “exclusive” story and then getting mad when we pitch it somewhere else:
11. Generalizing about how much “those people” suck

Care to add to the list, PR people? Want to comment, journalists?

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