Morning Report for January 8, 2014

Scott Bateman: “USA Today swiped my weather map graphic”

Statement from USA Today editor-in-chief David Callaway

Mr. Bateman’s map was an inspiration for an effort that fell short of our newsroom publishing standards. As soon as we realized our oversight, we took immediate action to correct our mistake. We apologized to Mr. Bateman and are addressing the situation both internally and externally to give the artist the credit he deserves and to set the record straight for our readers. We do not take these incidents lightly.

* Larger view of the maps
* Scott Bateman: “USA Today swiped my weather map graphic and cleaned up the language. Lines are in EXACTLY the same places.” (@Disalmanacarian)
* Boston Globe owner John Henry pledges to make the newspaper and its websites “aggressively relevant.” (
* “The Observer regrets this 22-month-old error” about New York Post editor-in-chief Col Allan. (
* Roger Ailes, in the 1980s, allegedly offered a producer an additional $100 a week if she agreed to have sex with him whenever he wanted. (
* Retired NYT columnist Clyde Haberman explains why smart people go into journalism, even though it doesn’t pay very well. (“A desire to see the world.”) (
* The entire McClatchy newspaper chain is on one phone-message system? (
* “There will be hundreds of pieces filed today about NYT’s redesign. Why?” (@elongreen) | Ex-Timesman Brian Stelter has filed his piece: (
* Dallas Morning News subscriber’s surveillance cameras catch a newspaper thief in action. (
* San Francisco Chronicle journalists will be sent to a digital and social media “boot camp.” (
* WSJ Journal editor on Mossberg/Swisher: “They wanted an independent operation. … For a business newspaper to be essentially outsourcing a very, very significant part of our technology coverage to an increasingly independent operation didn’t seem to me to be the right way to go.” (
* Washington Post’s Marty Baron tells petitioners: Jeff Bezos will never be involved in our coverage of the intelligence community. (
* Janice Min is put in charge of Billboard, in addition to Hollywood Reporter. (
* The search continues for Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby‘s 16-year-old son, missing since Monday. ( | The journalist’s latest tweet.