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The Roanoke Times, which was acquired by Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group last May, told employees today that they’ll no longer get free home delivery.
“Rising costs of newsprint and ink as well as production expenses and the costs associated with providing free home delivery to our employees are a very large expense,” says the Times memo. “To help defray some of these expenses, as of February 1 your subscription to The Roanoke Times will no longer be paid at 100%, but we want each of our employees to continue to engage with the product they help produce, so we will offer a 50% discount.”

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Update from the Columbus Dispatch bike blogger Steve Wartenberg (left), who was hit by a car in November:bikeblogger “I can now take a shower by myself, get dressed on my own – including those tricky shirts – and can even drive. In many ways, I’m back to normal, and yet I still don’t feel normal. Not even close.” (
* The Newspaper Guild plans to bid on Philadelphia’s newspapers. (AP via | “Darling … eliminate the Daily News.” (
* Bill Keller: “I don’t think either of the Keller pieces was a “slam” of Lisa Adams or her choices.” (
* New York Film Critics Circle expels CityArts’ Armond White and suspends New York Post’s Lou Lumenick. ( | White responds. (
* Warren Buffett‘s Omaha World-Herald announces plans to host a sports-talk show on its website and app. ( | (
* Stats show that Janesville (WI) Gazette readers want bad news. (
* Yup: “I bet Google/Nest, smallest of big deals today by dollars, gets most words spilled.” (@davecbenoit) | Nest: Why we did the Google deal. (
* Former Boston Phoenix editor Peter Kadzis joins WGBH as a fulltime senior editor. (
* Virginia Supreme Court rules for the Virginian-Pilot in a $3 million libel case. (
* Five journalists are named Nieman Visiting Fellows. (
* HBO’s “The Newsroom” will end after its third season. (
* Los Angeles Times launches a shopping website. (
* The Israeli version of Playboy is struggling. (

Nieman Journalism Lab director Joshua Benton tells his Twitter followers this amusing little story:

While in the audience at a Conan O’Brien taping in 1997, a staffer pulled me aside during a commercial break.

- Conan, Josh and Andy

– Conan, Josh and Andy

She asked for my name and contact information and said they may want to feature me on a future show. Nice! Then she explained why: I looked like a genetic cross between Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter and they might want to use me in a real-life If they mated.

As proof of the incident, Benton tweeted an email he sent to Slate’s Jessica Winter 17 years ago describing what happened. An excerpt:


No callback from Conan & Co.? I asked Benton. “None! Sad. And thus my career as a TV comedy prop was replaced with a career in journalism.”

* Joshua Benton on Twitter (@jbenton)

Update: Cartoonist and others lose jobs at Ogden (Utah) newspaper (

Ogden Standard-Examiner editorial cartoonist Cal Grondahl and, I’m told, 11 other staffers were laid off on Friday. I’ve invited Grondahl to comment and I’m trying to get the paper – part of the Sandusky chain – to confirm the number of layoffs. (Please contact me if you work/worked at the paper and have more information.)

* “Cal, hope you’re OK… Who will draw your going-away cartoon?” (

- From Saturday's Dominion Post

– From Saturday’s Dominion Post, Morgantown, WV

* Scenes from a post-racial America (
* Deputy Morgan: “I’ve been taking flak for that for two days now” (
* Dominion Post now says it “omitted a suspect’s description” (@TheDPost)

Garret Harkawick writes:

I’m a filmmaker who recently completed a short film about Greg Packer, a topic you’ve covered on your website several times (including the previous short film about him that was released a few months back).

My film was shot around the same time as the previous Packer doc, although Greg didn’t inform me or Andrew Watson (director of the other film) of each other’s films. The result is two very different accounts of Packer’s life. My films takes a slightly darker look at Greg, including a minor meltdown at the recent iPhone 5S release.

* Dinner with Greg Packer (
* Greg Packer wants to see his name in your newspaper (
* No more quotes from Greg Packer, says AP memo (

* Bill Grueskin: “The Guardian has set a worrisome precedent by removing the controversial Emma G. Keller cancer column.” (@BGrueskin) | ( | You can still read the column here.
* Claim: Wall Street Journal – not The Record – kept the GWB lane closures story alive “by delivering the most consistent scoops.” (
kallie* The CEO of the company that poisoned West Virginia’s water wanted to end his press conference because “it’s been an extremely long day.” Charleston TV reporter Kallie Cart (left) reminded him: “It’s been a long day for a lot of people who don’t have water.” ( | Cart: “You don’t mess with a pregnant lady.” (@KallieCartWCHS)
* After Florida State’s BCS title win, demand for the Tallahassee Democrat was so great that reporters had to help with phone orders. “We normally publish about 27,000 printed papers a day. On Tuesday, we had to print an additional 15,000 copies.” (
* Howard Weaver: “People continue to want what traditional journalists produce — reliable information that is sorted, vetted, vouched for.” (
* Jeff John Robert: Tabloids’ power has waned rapidly in recent years – even more so than newspapers in general. (
* Noted: “A lot of business reporters are assholes.” (
* Florida Gov. Rick Scott “dodges questions so often that it prompts questioners to voice exasperation, even on live TV.” (
* New York Times Magazine’s identity has blurred and needs definition, says Jill Abramson. (
* New York Times hires Michael Forsythe, the former Bloomberg reporter suspected of leaking to the Times. (
sherman* David Carr: The Fox News/Roger Ailes revelations in Gabe Sherman‘s book won’t surprise TV-beat reporters. ( | Brian Stelter interviewed Sherman on “Reliable Sources.” (
* Jill Lepore: “Sherman sees Ailes as a kingmaker, which isn’t entirely convincing. Ailes is an entertainer. He’s also a bogeyman.” (
* Fayetteville Observer editor: Our story about a same-sex wedding at the Rose Bowl didn’t belong on page one. (
* The 16-year-old son of Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby – missing for days, then found in Times Square – ran away from home. (
* E! network apologizes for “fun fact” about Michael J. Fox‘s Parkinson’s disease. (
* The newsroom is spared in the latest round of Sun-Times Media layoffs. (
* Boston’s $200,000 loan to the Bay State Banner is questioned. The newspaper has made only one payment since 2009. (
* Detectives seeking the name of an online commenter serve a search warrant at the Everett (WA) Herald. (
* NBC’s Tom Costello leads the list of Top 20 Most Used TV Reporters in 2013. (