Norfolk TV station ignores former news anchor’s tax fraud case

-- From today's Virginian-Pilot front page

— From today’s Virginian-Pilot front page

A former WTKR (Norfolk, VA) anchor who hosted a news segment called “Taking Action Against Crime” pleaded guilty to tax crimes today, admitting that she falsely told the IRS that her $12,000 hot tub was a medical expense.

Juliet Bickford resigned last week after working at WTKR for 6 years. Her tax fraud scandal is on the front page of today’s Virginian-Pilot, and is getting big play on WAVY-TV and many other Norfolk-area media outlets.

- via @julietbickford

– via @julietbickford

WTKR, however, hasn’t said one word about its former anchor’s legal troubles. (There’s nothing about today’s guilty plea by Bickford on the station’s website.)

I called WTKR general manager Jeff Hoffman about his no-Bickford-coverage policy, but all he would say — and it was his response to every question I asked — was, “Juliet Bickford resigned last week for personal reasons.”

I didn’t even bother asking Hoffman who will be hosting the award-winning “Taking Action Against Crime” segment now that — in his words — Juliet Bickford resigned last week for personal reasons.

Bickford has agreed to pay $10,000 to the IRS, and prosecutors have recommend she get probation and no jail time.

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