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* Jack Shafer: How many New York Times Magazine marshmallows should a reader be asked to swallow? fluff“Kindness has its place …but, as a former boss of mine loved to say, journalism isn’t a Montessori school.” (
* The Vatican says AP’s report of 400 defrocked priests is wrong. ( | Now the Vatican says the AP was right. (
* ESPN ombud: “Was it unethical for Dan Le Batard to give away his [MLB Hall of Fame] vote? Probably.” (
* Christian Science Monitor’s John Yemma on listicles and quizzes: “Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s not useful.” (
* Patch people aren’t hopeful about the Hale Global deal. ( | AOL shopped Patch to Gannett, Tribune and others. ( | What went wrong? (So many things!) (
* CJR is scolded by Plain Dealer’s photo editor in comment #7. (
* Brendan Ripp – son of Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp – is promoted to publisher of Sports Illustrated. Dad didn’t have anything to do with it, says a spokesperson. (
* “Writing a eulogy for a person who by all accounts despised you” – and killed herself – “is an odd experience.” ( | There’s an interesting MetaFilter discussion about this piece and the story subject’s suicide.
* Cuts at Aaron Kushner‘s Orange County Register “weren’t part of the script.” (
* Chicago journalist Jon Anderson “was impossibly handsome and he married a Rockefeller.” (
* Frank Magazine fires Sen. Patrick Brazeau after one column and apologizes for his “narcissistic ramblings.” ( | “Please forgive me” requires a subscription. (

The 2012 Poynter IRS Form 990 documents that showed up this week on didn’t include names of the institute’s largest donors, but Peter Schorsch at SaintPetersBlog got the Schedule of Contributors from a source. Here were Poynter’s biggest supporters in 2012:

* Knight Foundation, $1,750,000
* McCormick Foundation, $355,000
* International Press Institute, $264,770
* Ford Foundation, $200,000
* Google, $25,000
* Jewish Community Federation, $25,000
* Tampa Bay Rays, $25,000
* Craig Newmark [Craigslist founder] Philanthrophic Fund, $25,000
* Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, $20,000
* Philip L. Graham Fund, $15,000

Schorsch writes:

Poynter Institute has embarked on some sort of “small donor” program for those able to give approximately $5,000. Everyone from the Gannett Foundation and the Scripps Howard Foundation to Home Shopping Network and the Merlin Law Group came in at that level.donate Even former Governor Charlie Crist’s bodyman, Greg Truax, donated $5,000.

In fact, several other local companies the [Poynter-owned] Tampa Bay Times reports on — C1 Bank, Raymond James, Sabal Trust, the Tampa Bay Lightning — all donated to Poynter or what is essentially the charity of the Tampa Bay Times.

If there is a donation which raises red flags, it’s a $5,000 donation from Dr. Akshai Desai, the now-disgraced former finance chair of the Republican Party of Florida, who the Tampa Bay Times reported is under investigation as part of his company’s fraudulent business practices.

* An inside look at the Poynter Institute’s contributors (
* Poynter lost $1,747,581 in 2012, according to IRS documents (

From Bend, Oregon, TV station KTVZ’s online news script (with my boldface): “Public Information Officer Chris Carney recently quit his job after detectives say he was found to have had sexual contact while on duty with four women,sexscandal three of whom were city employees, the fourth a member of the media. As it turned out out, Carney was having sex on duty for more than a decade.”

From KTVZ reporter Kandra Kent‘s on-air report (at right): “Public Information Officer Chris Carney recently quit his job after detectives say he was having on-duty sex with four women, three of which were City of Bend employees. Turns out Carney was having sex on-duty for more than a decade. …”

Kent never told viewers that the fourth woman is a journalist. (You can read the script and watch her report here.) I called Kent this morning to ask why, but the entire KTVZ news team was in a meeting, the receptionist told me.

I then called other Bend media and was told that the journalist who allegedly had a fling with the cop is married and still works with a Bend media outlet.

The Bend Bulletin reports the fired cop told police internal affairs that he “considers [the media person] a friend, someone he gives stories to and she calls him ‘a lot’ for stories.” I’m told that he also strangely put her name, with a hashtag, in many of his tweets and sometimes delivered donuts to her newsroom.

I’m hoping KTVZ news director Lee Anderson will return my call and give us a comment. Update: Anderson called back and said his reporter should have mentioned that the fourth woman is a journalist. He added that her name is redacted in police reports, but his station is investigating the matter.

* Bend cop spokesman quits after sex inquiry (
* Sex scandal has Bend police department embarrassed (

San Antonio Express-News reporter John W. Gonzalez posted this photo on Facebook and wrote: “Hanging from a downtown office building … where I work. Not to be taken seriously.”

* “Pretty sure that was in the old Express-News management manual under Murdoch’s reign” (

* The most-viewed 2013 New York Times story was “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk.” (
* Ken Doctor writes of Forbes, which is on the block: “Over the past year, overall revenue growth has been cut in half. That’s got to be a red flag for buyers.” (Forbes hopes to get $400 million for the magazine.) (
baby* Michael Miner examines coverage of the crying baby at a Michelin Starred Chicago restaurant and talks to the owner. (
* Farhad Manjoo, who quit Slate to join the Wall Street Journal last September, is now jumping to the New York Times. ( | (
* “Even after I got the NYT offer, I agonized what to do,” says Manjoo. (
* Marine Corps Special Operations Command’s “Don’t be lone shooter #MLK weekend” tweet is criticized, then deleted. (
* A new Indiana University journalism class will focus on Pulitzer winners. (
* Noted: The Philadelphia Daily News is “the paper that stays on top of the Swiss Cheese Pervert” story. (
* The best state capitol reporters in America, according to Washington Post readers. (
* An anchor who apparently is “the Walter Cronkite of Mississippi” has been asked to retire. Bert Case is 74. (
* Top newsroom management at the Las Vegas Review-Journal is now all male. (
* The most downloaded torrent of 2013 – done legally, by the way – was Moby‘s latest album. (
* Quad-City Times columnist Barb Ickes challenges a ticket she got for slowing down to take a picture of a crash. (
* “The New York Times would not normally use the term midget,” but… (
* Shape magazine is spanked for promoting its own products as “news.” (
* A Plain Dealer staffer tells CJR that the “newsroom culture is gone” with the move to a new building. (
* A fire sale on Twitter ads? (
* Chicago Tribune’s RedEye: Our offices are as nice as Groupon’s! (

Comcast SportsNet anchor: “He isn’t wearing any pants! I think that is a gaffe photo if we can switch to the next one. …Mind you, that one was an artist’s depiction.”
— I added the black bar to make this “safe for work.”

* Comcast SportsNet shows mascot with penis on live TV (