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A Portland Press Herald reporter’s tweet:

LAURA INGRAHAM TO MAINE GOV. PAUL LePAGE: “Did you get interviewed (for this piece) by Colin Woodard about how you’re all crazy up there?”

LePAGE: “No, but he went to Canada to interview my ex-wife and children. …she slammed the door in his face.”

The Portland Press Herald is spending money to send a reporter to Canada for something like this? Nope.

COLIN WOODARD: “I never went to Canada to interview his ex-wife. I never sought to interview his chiIdren. I never had a door slammed in my face.”

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St. Augustine Record publisher Delinda Fogel’s ambitious goal for 2014 “is to eliminate the typos and grammar mistakes in the newspaper.”

She writes:

I hear from some readers that part of the entertainment value of The Record is counting the number of errors. I’m not proud that we have a problem. It is very humbling, but it seems to take an army to help turn this tide.

This isn’t a simple work-at-home project; participants are asked to meet at the Record building to proofread pages from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

publisher“We’ll keep a tally of the proofreading volunteers and award a nice dinner for two to the person who helps us catch the most typos and errors,” writes Fogel (at left). (I’ve sent her an email, asking why she doesn’t hire professionals to edit the paper.)

A former Record employee tells me that the paper has a four-person copy desk and that it’s “extremely overworked, and copy editing ends up being only about 10 percent of the job, as the copy editors also have to lay out the entire paper. There was barely time to proof pages when I was there, and the copy we got from editors was very rough.”

The Record is owned by Morris Communications.

Note to Morris Communications Group Publisher Les Simpson: Last weekend, you wrote on Facebook: “Want to know what is responsible for why newspapers have struggled? I’m afraid it is archaic ‘journalists’ who would rather sit around and whine rather than give the audience what they want. We can still persevere, but quit living in the past. Quit reading Jim Romenesko and go chart the future.”

So charting the future for Morris Communications is taking people off the street and letting them do trained journalists’ jobs?

* “Catch the typos” contest kicks off 2014 (

Update: Lex Fenwick is out as Dow Jones chief executive officer. (Dow Jones release)

With 60 Wall Street Journal employees joining the Real-Time News Desk today,NEWMEMO “we have embarked on the path towards becoming a fully digitized news operation,” writes Journal managing editor Gerard Baker. “Today’s move makes concrete a large part of that ambitious objective.”

His memo:

From: Baker, Gerard
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 9:14 AM
To: WSJ All News Staff
Subject: A New Day for News

Today marks a significant step forward in the integration and digitization of the newsroom, as 60 of our colleagues arrive on the 6th floor of 1211 to complete the new Real-Time News Desk that sits at the center of our news operation in New York.

With the arrival of the real-time-focused editors, the hub becomes the heart of a faster-moving, digital-first news operation. The real-time desk will work to maintain a lively, fresh and newsy flow over Newswires,, mobile platforms and on social media. Our ambitious aim is a virtuous circle that edits better copy, posts it faster, with better visuals, and then maximizes its impact./CONTINUES Read More

Some sections of The Oregonian, including arts and entertainment; food; health; and Sunday Business and Opinion, will convert to the new format of 15 inches tall by 11 inches wide in February; the entire paper will be the new size by April 2.

“We’re presenting the same quality journalism in a smarter package,” says Oregonian Media Group content veep Peter Bhatia.

* The Oregonian announces move to compact format (

Update: A Portland city commissioner accuses Oregonian publisher N. Christian Anderson III of trying “to foist a Fox News paper on a progressive readership.”

artObviously: “The sketch is not a true depiction of the suspect, only a likeness.”

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