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Portland city commissioner Steve Novick’s “Going Richard Sherman on the Oregonian” post got a lot of attention from journalists on Tuesday.

“Best thing you’ll read today,” one person wrote. “Wow. Just wow,” said another.
In his post, Novick (at left) calls the Oregonian “mediocre” because it only delivers to homes four days a week, and describes publisher Chris Anderson as “a right-wing publisher” who’s trying “to foist a Fox News paper on a progressive readership.” (“I don’t have anything to say about it,” Anderson told me when I invited him to comment on the post.)

Novick policy adviser Bryan Hockaday told me this afternoon that his boss’s piece “spread like wildfire” on social media and that “most people saw the humor in it.”

A few Oregonian reporters didn’t, though, and they let the commissioner know that.

Novick “appreciates what [journalists] do,” Hockaday tells me, and to let them know that he wrote a follow-up, headlined “Message to Oregonian Reporters.” (It’s illustrated with a Richard M. Nixon photo.)

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: My previous post is not about you. The Oregonian continues to put out a lot of quality journalism. I still enjoy working with Oregonian reporters. …

I guess I could have caveated my post with the same things I’m saying here … but that wouldn’t have made it a very good trash-talk.

Reactions from Oregonian journalists? Please post in comments or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, email me with your message and I’ll post it.

* Going Richard Sherman on the Oregonian (
* A message to Oregonian reporters (

- From Newsweek's Twitter page

– From Newsweek’s Twitter page


“Cannot un-see mental image of Mitch McConnell in Oscar de la Renta dress. Curse you,” tweets Mark Eckenwiler.

* Correction: Bob McDonnell – not Mitch McConnell – indicted for dress (@newsweek)

Reuters, which let about 150 people go in October, says it plans to hire 50 journalists in 2014. Here’s editor-in-chief Stephen Adler’s memo from Tuesday afternoon:

Colleagues —

I’m pleased to share the good news that I’ve been able to approve 50 new hires for 2014.hiring These positions, which will be filled during the course of the year, reflect the recommendations of bureau chiefs, EICs and regional editors. The new hiring will help us fill gaps, increase our strength on some high-priority beats, and help us continue to expand our presence in key emerging markets. The roles are spread across text and visuals, and you’ll see postings for nearly all of them as they become available to be filled.

Best regards,

(Karsten Moran/New York  Times)

(Karsten Moran/New York Times)

The photo on the left ran with a Tuesday New York Times story on humanely raised hogs.

The photo on the right ran in copies of the International New York Times that were inserted in today’s Malaysian Reserve newspaper.

A spokesman for KHL Printing Co, which prints the Malaysian edition of the International New York Times, says the company normally censors images that might offend readers in the Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country.

Al Jazeera reports that about 60 percent of Malaysia’s 28 million people are Muslim ethnic Malays, and Muslims consider pigs to be unclean.

Stephanie Strom, who wrote the Times piece, tells me: “I’m sure the piggies would be upset to know their faces are considered as religiously offensive as a woman’s bare breasts.”

Update — Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy writes in an email: “We were not aware of this before the newspaper was printed and we are discussing it with our printing contacts in the region.”

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