[UPDATED] Malaysian printer censors New York Times photos of pigs

(Karsten Moran/New York  Times)

(Karsten Moran/New York Times)

The photo on the left ran with a Tuesday New York Times story on humanely raised hogs.

The photo on the right ran in copies of the International New York Times that were inserted in today’s Malaysian Reserve newspaper.

A spokesman for KHL Printing Co, which prints the Malaysian edition of the International New York Times, says the company normally censors images that might offend readers in the Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country.

Al Jazeera reports that about 60 percent of Malaysia’s 28 million people are Muslim ethnic Malays, and Muslims consider pigs to be unclean.

Stephanie Strom, who wrote the Times piece, tells me: “I’m sure the piggies would be upset to know their faces are considered as religiously offensive as a woman’s bare breasts.”

Update — Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy writes in an email: “We were not aware of this before the newspaper was printed and we are discussing it with our printing contacts in the region.”

* NYT pig photos are censored in Malaysia (themalaysianinsider.com) | (aljazeera.com)