Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

The California State Bar says serial fabricator Stephen Glass isn’t fit to practice law in the state. “Our review of the record indicates hypocrisy and evasiveness in Glass’s
testimony at the California State Bar hearing,” it says.

We find it particularly disturbing that at the hearing Glass persisteddenied in claiming that he had made a good faith effort to work with the magazines that published his [flawed] works. He went through many verbal twists and turns at the hearing to avoid acknowledging the obvious fact that in his New York bar application he exaggerated his level of assistance to the magazines that had published his fabrications, and that he omitted from his New York bar list of fabrications some that actually could have injured real persons.

* Stephen Glass denied California bar license ( | (
* Glass’s only Slate piece was about how Amazon wouldn’t work (@daveweigel)

Other stories I’m reading while waiting at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport:
* “Humans working for Facebook will start telling you which news stories you should read.” (
* Capital New York has to sell about 600 of its $6,000 per year subscriptions to break even. (
iud* Oh no! It’s an IUD! ( | Um, make that an IED. ( – h/t Debbie Hoffman)
* Andrew Golis: We’re going to hire up to nine new staffers at The Wire in the next few months. (
* New York Times China correspondent Austin Ramzy faces expulsion. (
* The Advocate challenges the Times-Picayune in New Orleans. (
* A Miami blogger questions the graphic that WSVN-TV used for a story on a student setting himself on fire. (@Random_Pixels) | The station pulled it. (

* National Journal executive editor Adam Kushner is joining the Washington Post. (
* Ezra Klein, who is teaming up with Vox Media, never presented his website idea directly to Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, reports Paul Farhi.kleinvox “There were also no direct discussions about the cost of the operation … The major sticking point was how much independence the newspaper was willing to give Klein.” ( | “Our talks were super friendly,” says Klein. ( | David Carr: For the Post to invest time and money in building Klein’s site would be a major distraction. ( | The Post, without Klein, will move on with its own reinvention. ( | Matt Yglesias will be Klein’s executive editor. (
* Vox CEO: “This isn’t an acquisition. This is a build-on.” (
* New York Times, accused of suffering a brain drain, names its recent hires. (
* Frank Rich: Fox News has been damaging the right far more than the left. (
* Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times borrows $28 million from a Boston firm. (
* Sharon Waxman‘s The Wrap celebrates five years online. (
* Meet a guy who makes six-figures playing “Call of Duty.” (
* Internet advertising grew 32 percent in 2013, but it has only a 4.5 percent share of the overall spend in ads. (
* Glenn Beck shouldn’t be allowed back on mainstream TV, says David Zurawik. (
truth* Cleveland Plain Dealer drops PolitiFact. Ex-PD staffer John Kroll says “the Truth-O-Meter’s distinctions made no sense to readers (including me).” (
* Howard Kurtz – or his bosses? – apparently decided against covering Gabe Sherman‘s Roger Ailes bio. (
* “Home of the World’s Most Famous Beach” has been added to the Daytona Beach News-Journal’s masthead. (
* Minneapolis Star Tribune’s new editor tells readers “we can innovate digitally and give you a stronger print edition, especially on Sundays.” (
* “What the hell, New Yorker? Were, not was.”(
* David Warsh: “I plan to pay much closer attention to the editorial page of the WSJ in the months to come. Something is going on there.” (
* Fusion network’s State of the Union speech coverage will involve puppets. (
* Hearst’s Dr. Oz magazine debuts Feb. 4. (