Morning Report for February 11, 2014

- From Indy Star's video.

– From Indy Star’s video.

* Juneau Empire reporter Jennifer Canfield is fired after refusing to set up a meeting between her publisher and a legislator. (
* Indianapolis Star staffers read mean comments from readers. ( | (Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel‘s celebs-read-mean-tweets regular feature?)
* Ad Age: “Are we going to see the kind of splashy packaging Josh Tyrangiel brought to Businessweek reflected on Bloomberg TV?” CEO: “The answer is yes. We’re looking to bring that kind of storytelling to the TV platform.” (
* An element of Bill Steigerwald‘s plan to save newspapers: “Web site first, paper second. Every day. All scoops appear on the web first.” ( | Brendan Nyhan on the benefits of “the staid local newspaper.” (
* How the Star-Ledger came to regret its Chris Christie endorsement. (
* James Taranto‘s Monday WSJ column about rape is blasted on Twitter. (
keller* Reactions to the end of the Bill Keller era at the New York Times. ( | (
* Veteran Philly media reporter: “I think that they’re putting out kind of a bland product” at the Inquirer. (
* Capital New York tweaks its pricing and now offers a Media Pro-only subscription for $4,000. (
* Self-plagiarism alert! Much of Rick Reilly‘s latest column is lifted from one of his 2009 columns. (
* An “as such” lesson from NYT standards editor Phil Corbett. (
* Secret, says Choire Sicha, is “a fascinating experiment, and I’m curious about where it will go.” (He’s deleted the app.) (