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Former Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz’s Facebook post:

I asked editor Debra Adams Simmons about this. Her response:

“No idea what this is about. Sounds like a manufactured controversy.”

What Schultz says: “I respect Debra and consider her to be a friend. I am not surprised by her response. The person who reached out to me is credible and did so out of concern for others who might be tempted to post on my wall, which is a public page.”

* Connie Schultz: “Heard from a reputable source tonight…” (
* Grief and grievances at the Plain Dealer (

Update: Read the comments about this on my Facebook page.

A late Friday afternoon memo from Forbes:

Date: February 14, 2014 at 4:43:13 PM EST
Subject: Important update from Forbes

Dear Forbes business contributors, was targeted in a digital attack and our publishing platform was compromised.
Here are the actions we’ve taken and what you need to know:

* We have locked the platform so no outside users can access it.
* Users’ email addresses may have been exposed.
* Please be wary of emails that purport to come from Forbes. Breaches that expose email addresses sometimes lead to phishing attacks, as they now know the address is affiliated with the site.
* Your email passwords were encrypted, but as a precaution, we strongly suggest that you change your passwords on your email account, and encourage you to change them on other websites if you use the same password elsewhere, including social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
* We’ve notified law enforcement as we work to protect your online privacy.
* We are taking this matter very seriously.

If you have questions please send to:

Thanks so much and have a great weekend –

The owner of the Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee and 28 other newspapers reported Thursday that fourth-quarter profits rose to $29.9 million vs. $29.8 million a year earlier. mccMcClatchy’s print ad sales fell 8% in the quarter, but CEO Pat Talamantes told analysts in yesterday’s earnings call that “we think that there will be profitable print products for long a time to come. And so, while print will become a smaller and smaller percentage of our total revenues in digital and direct marketing, we expect to grow.”

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From the Boston Herald gossip column:

alive* Lauren Bacall killed by the Boston Herald (
* Ooooops: Bacall is alive (and as far as we know) well (
* Satirical site: News of Bacall’s death spreads across the Internet (

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reader Joe Clipper was trying to enjoy a history feature, but he was interrupted by videos that had nothing to do with the story.

“If I wanted to have someone talking over the paper I’m trying to read I would have stayed married,” he wrote in the P-D comments section, and on Facebook.


* St. Louis still rolling along at 250 ( | Joe Clipper on Facebook

We gained 564 readers in December! How about that!?circgain
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* Glenn Greenwald: “People are sometimes not sure what to expect [when they meet me]. They think they are going to meet this total asshole and get screamed at.” (
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* College editor: Whether to accept an ad from an “adult establishment” was “discussed at length in the newsroom.” (They took it.) (