[UPDATED] I predict the Miami Herald business editor’s $2 million home will sell fast

On February 17, Miami Herald business editor Jane Wooldridge announced on Facebook that she was selling her home:

In Wooldridge’s comments section, Realtor Carole Smith thanks the business editor for letting her represent her $2 million-plus residence:

In today’s Herald, realtor Smith has an ad running along the bottom of the BusinessMonday section. The featured home? Editor Wooldridge’s:

I invited Wooldridge and Herald executive editor Mindy Marques to comment.

Update: Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch sends this email:

Jane Wooldridge is our business editor. She and her husband, a Miami architect, are selling their home. Like most people who sell their homes, she hired a real estate agent.

Her real estate agent has an annual contract with the Miami Herald that includes a weekly ad on our Monday business magazine. This week, the agent included Jane’s home in that ad. The ad does not indicate who the home belongs to.

Jane played no role in placing the advertisement. She does not oversee our real estate reporter, who reports to a senior editor.

We see no conflict in a Herald employee patronizing an advertiser.

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