Rhode Island TV reporter is fired after doing an on-air handstand

Julie Tremmel was fired from WJAR-TV in Rhode Island just days after doing this handstand for a live report about the “America’s Got Talent” TV show.

Dianne Williamson reports:

The stunt wasn’t the first time she raised eyebrows at WJAR. Last summer, after a bear was spotted in the area, Tremmel took to the woods with a hands-on re-enactment about how to respond to a bear attack. The piece included her flapping her arms and curling up in the fetal position.

Veteran WJAR investigative reporter Jim Taricani complained on Facebook that Tremmel’s antic was “a smudge on our station’s reputation,” and said that “some TV reporters like to draw attention to themselves… [which is] an insult to most of us trying to be professional.” (BuzzFeed called Tremmel’s bear-attack video “the funniest thing in the world.”)

Tremmel, 36, and her union are fighting the dismissal.

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Update: “If you send your reporter out to shill for your network’s TV show, there really is no standard low enough to define a firing offense,” and other comments from my Facebook wall.