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From Wednesday’s City Paper:
* “The reality of our editorial independence [under Sun ownership] is still uncertain”
* City Paper and the Sun once “practiced mutual detestation”

The cover of tomorrow’s City Paper. (The alt-weekly was just sold to the Baltimore Sun.) Note the tiny-print slogan: “Informing more than 1 million Baltimore readers weekly in print and online, give or take a million.”

In his piece on how to save the Baltimore Sun (“establish a Trust which will act as the sole owner”), Justin Allen writes that “there’s little doubt that the acquisition of City Paper is almost certainly a ploy to make the Baltimore Sun Media Group more attractive to potential buyers.”

I wanted to ask the Sun about that, but marketing director Renee Mutchnik – the only person authorized to discuss the Sun-City Paper deal, I was told – is out of the office until Friday. (She was also out of the office when I tried to reach her last Friday – the day after the alt-weekly acquisition was announced.)

Thanks to City Paper editor Evan Serpick for sending tomorrow’s cover.

* How to save the Baltimore Sun (
* AUDIO: Trying – again – to reach the Sun’s marketing director (

Damon Sims is Penn State’s student affairs vice president; Annemarie Mountz is in Penn State’s public information office. | CC’d to: Danny Shaha is the student conduct office senior director, and Tyrone Parham is campus police chief.


From Chicago Tribune’s health and fitness writer:

Update: Chicago Tribune photo chief @StaceyWescott1 posted a photo of Sting at the paper.

* @JulieDeardorff

NBC’s Chuck Todd said on “Morning Joe”: “Can you imagine what Harold Ramis would say,chuck that the New York Times called him an ‘alchemist’? I mean, that’s only the New York Times, like, they can somehow make comedy less funny. Ramis would have absolutely — like, he’d be roaring about how the Times was talking about him this morning.”

* Chuck Todd chews out the Times over its Harold Ramis obit (
* Harold Ramis, alchemist of comedy, dies at 69 (
* Ramis started as a freelancer for the Chicago Daily News (

A big win for Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten:

I asked the humor columnist about editor Baron green-lighting his survey:

Gene Weingarten

Gene Weingarten

It was the most courageous decision made at the Washington Post since this newspaper published the Pentagon Papers while the New York Times was under injunction.

I argued my case to Mr. Baron on Friday, in a two-page memo. It cited, among other things, a recent tepid NYT story on the same general subject. But I don’t think that was dispositive. Great decisions come from inside — from the brain, guided by the gut and the heart.

* Take Gene Weingarten‘s previously banned pubic hair poll. (
* Apple CEO Tim Cook returns to Alabama to visit family. As a high school senior there, “Cook was the [yearbook] staff’s business manager, keeping the books and reeling in the ads.” (
* Tim Lee leaves the Washington Post for Ezra Klein‘s venture. ( | Marc Andreessen recently called Lee “one of the best tech reporters in the world.” (
mostviewed* A Piers Morgan defender has been found. (
* David Carr: Morgan “had probs attracting viewers, but response to his quitting buried my mailbox and topped NYT traffic.” (@carr2n)
* How New York magazine got its Alec Baldwin interview. (
* Call the Pulitzer committee! After “several weeks of reporting,” Andrew Ross Sorkin learns who is behind @GSElevator. (
* It’ll eventually get to you: “Did I miss the memo where all news sites must use the same weird, blocky new design?” (@shaneferro)
* Just-appointed National Journal editor Richard Just plans to reinvent the magazine. (
* An author’s emailed book announcement is plagiarized by several people. He asks:
“Where should we draw the line on what counts as email plagiarism?” (
* A Politico Pro email alert is similar to an Education Week piece. (
* Hyphens can be so confusing. (
* “Conventional Wisdom Watch” is returning to the print Newsweek. (

“Maybe it’s just a Germany thing but this requirement seemed a bit surprising to me,” writes Berlin-based Romenesko reader Joel Stonington.

Date: Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 10:16 AM
Subject: Reminder: Berlinale 2014: TV / Radio coverage
To: “TV-Radio, Office”

Dear Journalists,

The Berlinale Press Office collects and archives all festival coverage. For TV, radio and Web TV, we gather entire broadcasts as well as single features by all accredited journalists. In order to do so comprehensively, we kindly ask you to provide us with the detailed broadcast and time data for your publicized reports.

Please note that proof of your coverage of the 2014 Berlinale is an application requirement for accreditation in 2015.

Attached you’ll find a PDF document that you can fill out on your screen and mail back to us using the send button by March 1, 2014. Due to the different PDF reader versions, some problems may occur in sending. Should such a problem arise, you can of course send us the printed, completed document via fax, or as a scan / email attachment.

We kindly ask that you submit your proof of coverage as a digital video or audio file by March 7, 2014.

Kind regards,

Press Office / TV Radio
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin
Potsdamer Straße 5
10785 Berlin

* Welcome to the Berlinale (

Update: “It’s not just the Berlinale Film Festival,” writes Raymund Flandez. “Also SXSW.”


* SpinMedia press release announces House of Vans shows