Connecticut paper to charge journalists $15 for errors that require a press plate change

Manchester (Conn.) Journal Inquirer managing editor Chris Powell has warned his staff that they face a $15 charge for errors that require a press plate change.payup With this new policy, says my tipster, “I expect few reporters or editors will bring mistakes to the attention of their superiors, and would rather write a correction the next day and save their $15.”

Here’s Powell’s memo:

Thursday, March 13, 2014


We’ve got to reduce the waste of press plates caused by news department errors that don’t get fixed in ordinary editing, as discarding a plate costs $15. So henceforth requests to the press department to change a plate to fix a news department mistake will have to go through the managing editor, or, in my absence, through the assistant managing editor for production, and a plate change required to fix mistakes for which there’s no good explanation may cost the responsible employee, whether editor or reporter, a payroll deduction for the cost of the plate. Let’s be more careful.

I’ve invited Powell to respond to comments about the memo.

You may recall that the editor made an appearance on this site last October after he wrote that “newspapers cannot sell themselves to households headed by single women who have several children by different fathers” and survive on welfare.