Afternoon Report for March 24, 2014

Shepard Smith snaps a photo of Gawker’s J.K. Trotter
* J.K. Trotter: “Fox News anchor [Shepard Smith] took out his cell phone and snapped my portrait [at last Thursday’s NLGJA event]. I still haven’t quite figured out why.” (
* Esther C. Werdiger concedes that she’s probably not a New Yorker cartoon kind of artist. (
* The search resumes for missing Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird, who hasn’t been seen since January. (
* Former New York Daily News and Boston Herald editor-in-chief Kevin Convey is named Quinnipiac journalism department chair. (
rape* School board members in Wisconsin are told: “If our children cannot learn the practice of responsible press at Fond du Lac High School, then where?” ( | The controversial issue at right.
* Kent State to Akron Beacon Journal: We’re not answering any more questions about our presidential search. (
* Yup: Everyone has an ugly anecdote about targeted ads. (
* New York Times academic interns will get $8 an hour. (
* Monica Guzman: “Next to the capabilities of digital, paper is dumb. But…” (
* Newsday environmental reporter Emily Dooley is awarded the AP/NORC Center Fellowship. (
* USC is offering a “Glass Journalism” course this fall. (