Morning Report for April 2, 2014

* Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome is dead and the company’s newspaper’s are going on the auction block, reports Ken Doctor. Thunderdome’s 50-plus journalists “produced national-ready topical sections on core topics that could also be localized,” explains Doctor.paton “The end of Thunderdome is likely to bring a smile or smirk to some of [Digital First CEO John] Paton’s (left) detractors in the industry. Some think he’s too much of a showman, and some question his numbers.” ( | (
* Reaction to the news: ( | From March 2011: Jim Brady explains Project Thunderdome. ( | Earlier: “Thunderdome is central to Digital First Media’s future and will fuel the company’s growth.” (
* The Peabody Award winners have been announced. (
* The Toledo Blade journalists who were detained and had camera equipment confiscated last week have filed complaints with the FBI. (
oregon* The Oregonian debuts its compact format. Readers are told it’s “the first daily newspaper in the U.S. to use stapled sections throughout the paper. The technology is widely used in Europe. The paper is still recyclable; the staples don’t make a difference.” ( | The front page: (
* Jeff Zucker is exactly what CNN needed, says Henry Blodget. (
* Chicago Public Media’s board chairman: “The problem with Chicago is that if you’re looking for [someone with] media skills, digital skills and so forth in Chicago, that’s a very limited subset.” (
* Joshua Benton reviews the just-released NYT Now. “There’s an awful lot to like,” he writes. (
* Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor – soon to be the Star Tribune’s owner – says he knows he’s getting into “a tough business.” (
* “A big percentage of our revenue now is digital,” says Miami Herald executive editor Mindy Marqués Gonzalez. “I think we’re at 20 percent.” (
geek* In a just-released 2012 memo, Geek Squad’s founder advised Best Buy to kill its social media team. “Everyone is on the social-media team,” wrote Robert Stephens. “No more press releases or corporate-speak.” (
* Huffington Post senior media editor Jack Mirkinson: “I do not subscribe to any print newspapers. …But I subscribe to a lot of different magazines: to the New Yorker, the New York Review of Books, the London Review of Books, Harper’s, Vanity Fair.” (