Morning Report for April 14, 2014

* “We believe a new [comments] system will encourage even more readers to engage with us,” says Chicago Sun-Times editor-in-chief Jim Kirk. “We are asking our readers for patience during this process.” ( | Earlier: Sun-Times pulls the plug on comments while it works on a new system. (
prizes* Former Pulitzers reporter Joe Strupp says the journalism prizes are still a big deal to him. ( | Pulitzer winners will be announced at 3 p.m. ET. ( | (
* Aaron Kushner‘s Los Angeles Register launches on Wednesday. On weekdays, the paper will have 50 to 60 pages in five sections; Sunday’s paper will be 80 to 90 pages. ( | Former Los Angeles Timesman Kevin Roderick: “I remain in the hopeful but not optimistic camp.” (
* Hyperlocal sites in Chicago are still trying to figure out how to make money. ( | A laid-off Patch editor returns. (
* Associated Press West Africa bureau chief Rukmini Callimachi wins the 2014 Michael Kelly Award. (
* “The Michigan Daily fills an important niche in Ann Arbor and a need that is unmet by our regional newspapers,” says the student newspaper’s editor-in-chief. (Ouch, Ann Arbor News!) (
* New York Daily News loses its “remarkable” online editor to London’s Metro commuter paper. (
* Temple’s data journalism class was created to teach “the practice of finding stories in numbers and using numbers to tell stories.” ( | At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, only two three sign up for the course. (@mattwwaite)
* Career counselors and media entrepreneurs have some advice for Class of 2014 j-students. (
* John Cook, editor-in-chief at First Look’s The Intercepter, is taking reader questions. (
* Pew: 18% of online adults say they’ve had important information stolen. (
colbert* Arkansas Democrat-Gazette didn’t hear that David Letterman‘s replacement has been named? (@SaylorRyan)
* Questioning Facebook’s future “is like going to Rome and questioning the existence of God.” (