Chris Hamby quits CPI for BuzzFeed two days after winning investigative reporting Pulitzer

Chris Hamby won the investigative reporting Pulitzer on Monday for his Center for Public Integrityhamby “Breathless and Burdened” probe.

Today he announced he’s leaving CPI and joining BuzzFeed’s investigative team.

“I’m thrilled to be joining a powerhouse team that will combine the time-honored rigors of investigative journalism with the creativity, technological prowess and reach of BuzzFeed,” he says. “I view Buzzfeed’s commitment to hard-hitting, fair and compelling reporting as a tremendous sign for the future of journalism.”

BuzzFeed says:

We didn’t want to and aren’t trying to steal any of the limelight. We’re just incredibly proud of Chris for the prize, and most of all for the impact his work had in the lives of coal miners facing black lung.

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