Morning Report for April 16, 2014

breaking* “Tell me exactly how this is breaking news, CNN?” (@WillMcAvoyACN)
* Earlier: Meet the people who didn’t know the Titanic disaster was a real historic event. (
* Aaron Kushner‘s Los Angeles Register debuts. (
* John Henry‘s apparently an okay newspaper owner. (“While he has not yet raised pay, in January he absorbed a 6 percent increase in health costs that would have otherwise gone to [Boston Globe] employees.”) (
* Diane Sawyer‘s newscast tops Brian Williams‘ in the 25-54 demo for one week; “NBC Nightly News” is #1 in total viewers, though. (
* SPJ announces the winners of its Sigma Delta Chi Awards, including the Boston Globe for reporting under deadline. (
* Pulitzer judges snub sportswriters – again. (
* Why didn’t the New York Times’ Dasani piece win a Pulitzer? (
* The 35 most powerful people in New York media, according to Hollywood Reporter. ( | The list.
* Google eliminates “How to become a drug dealer” and 1,200 other predicted search phrases. (
* College newspaper publishers are advised to stick with print. (
* Marty Baron talks to NPR about the Washington Post’s two Pulitzers. (
* Amanda Kludt is promoted to editor-in-chief at Vox Media’s Eater. (