Morning Report for April 18, 2014

* Search warrant: Peoria’s mayor told police he wanted the person behind the @peoriamayor parody Twitter account tracked down. ( | Earlier: Seven cops raid home to find who’s tweeting as @peoriamayor. (
unclear* Victory for protesters: The Newseum will start including weeklies in its Today’s Front Pages exhibit. (
* ESPN profits are expected to grow in the “high single digits” the next few years. Its annual ad sales are about $3 billion. ( | Deadspin hires Dave McKenna for the ESPN beat. (
* (At right) “This can’t be a real sentence in a real news story, can it?” (@RachelSB)
* With an editorial staff of 16, the Kyiv Post “makes a remarkable journalistic difference.” (
* Ex-Washingtonian editor Jack Limpert recalls firing a film critic over her review of “JFK.” (
* Roger Ebert‘s first movie review appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times 47 years ago today. (@charlesapple)
* The Deadline Club announces its awards finalists. (
* “Surveillance, Security and Journalism Ethics” will be discussed at a May 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison conference. (
* Toronto Star digital journalists will be paid less than others in the newsroom. (
* Tucson Weekly and Inside Tucson Business are sold to East Valley Tribune parent 10/13 Communications. ( | (
* JOBS: A defense contractor in Colorado seeks writers. | Tech journalist wanted. (Romenesko Jobs Page)
* Chris Wallace has a new multi-year deal with Fox News. (
* “The LA Times is a very nice national newspaper,” says LA Register publisher Aaron Kushner. (
* Jonah Lehrer started blogging again last week. (