Evening Report for April 21, 2014

Actually, the Denver Post complaint line was quiet, reports Linda Shapley, director of newsroom operations. Editor Greg Moore got one email about Sunday’s page one not mentioning Easter, Shapley says, and one person left a phone message and said they’d be emailing, too. (The phone call and email from the same person? Possibly.)
* Kent State journalism faculty criticize the university for the way it’s handled its presidential search. (crainscleveland.com)
* Of course, a Florida newspaper that runs covers like this and this isn’t going to run NYT’s tough Jameis Winston/FSU investigation. (cjr.org)
* Former Seattle Post-Intelligencer editor Ken Bunting collapsed and died while playing tennis on Sunday. He was 65. (mije.org)
* The Kindle Single interview with Nikki Finke was a best-seller. (thinreads.com)
* NBC says it brought in a brand – not psychological – consultant to talk to David Gregory‘s friends and wife. (hollywoodreporter.com)
* How Washington City Paper is designed. (altweeklies.com)
* Sharyl Attkisson “seems a little bitter,” says Media Matters’ president. (washingtonpost.com)
* “All God’s Danger,” a 1974 National Book Award winner, gets a boost from the New York Times. (observer.com)
* JOBS: Want to write in Boulder, Colorado? Check out this job opening.
* Felix Salmon is leaving Reuters and staying quiet about his new job. (@jyarow) | (nytimes.com)