Morning Report for April 24, 2014

* A Florida high school journalism teacher tells his newspaper editor she can’t write about medical marijuana legislation. He says the paper is a “mouthpiece” for the school and that type of article “does not fit our audience.” (
* Fourteen of the 52 former Thunderdome editorial staffers have new jobs. (
backdrop* Miami TV station: Someone died, but just look at that amazing backdrop! (@NewsDeskChica) | h/t Bill Cooke
* Poor Forbes! It appears nobody wants the magazine. (
* New York Times Co. reports first-quarter profit of $22 million vs. $28 million in the same period a year ago. ( | (
* Philadelphia Inquirer journalists would “rather win a Pulitzer than win 20,000 new readers. And that’s a disease,” says digital strategist Robert Cauthorn. (
* Jon Stewart to Sean Hannity: “My God, you’re the Arby’s of news.” (
* Los Angeles Times loses Jessica Garrison to BuzzFeed. She’s joining the investigative team. (| (
* Oh no, Time! (Barak Obama?) (@evanasmith)
* Columbia Daily Spectator is expected to become a print weekly starting in the fall. (