Morning Report for April 30, 2014

* Scientific American editor says Fox told him he couldn’t talk about climate change. (
* High school board member: “If my son wants to write something proud about being a Redskin football player, the students on that paper, under the law, have no right to tell him he has to take the word ‘Redskin’ out of there.” (
* Roger Ailes won’t let Shepard Smith come out. (
* Chicago Sun-Times tells its landlord it only needs half the space it has now because of staff cuts. (@LynneMarek) | Reinventing newsroom spaces. (
* Bill Simmons says Grantland isn’t out to pick fights. “There’s a mean-spiritedness on the Internet that we’ve stayed away from.” (
* Meet the 77th class of Nieman Fellows. (
* Rupert Murdoch says he’s looking into more print and digital acquisitions. (
* The Onion’s new site, Clickhole, targets BuzzFeed and Upworthy. (
power* So many devices to charge! Forget the fancy espresso machine; hotel visitors really want more electrical outlets. (
* One last post from New York Times’ public editor before she heads to a journalism festival in Italy. (
* Guess not! “I gullibly thought the lack of criticism in the Indy Star was something about which people would be ashamed.” (
* A West Hollywood blogger (and addict) posted from a homeless shelter for over a year. (
* Garry Trudeau is the Washington Post’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner guest. (
* Howard Kurtz on how he caught Jayson Blair‘s fabrications. (