That ‘vagrant’ is an award-winning journalist

BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson did a piece this week that included a photo of a man identified as a “vagrant lurker.” Johnson didn’t know that his vagrant was longtime Denver journalist Mike Littwin. After getting that news, the BuzzFeed writer changed his headline to “3. Make sure the reporter in the shot looks the part.”

I asked Littwin how he reacted to the error. “I told them they would hear from my public defender,” the onetime Denver Post columnist jokes. “Benny was apologetic.” A correction was added to the end of the piece this morning.

* “He’s not a vagrant lurker. He’s a journalist, which is American for badly dressed, semi-shaven, overly educated, poorly paid, observant… lurker” (
* BuzzFeed goes too far in calling Littwin a vagrant (