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People generally call newsrooms to complain or perhaps explain “a new theory of the origin of the universe,” says Boston Globe science reporter Carolyn Johnson. She recently got a different kind of call – one that she tells me turned out to be “an amazing ‘why journalism matters’ moment.”


* “No one has ever been so surprised or delighted to talk to me” (

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Palm Beach Post reporter Pat Beall won the Hillman Award for Newspaper Journalism for her private prisons investigation. Here is her acceptance speech:

A few years ago at the Palm Beach Post, a group of editors was sitting in a room and we were trying to determine whether to send a photographer and reporter to Haiti, which was undergoing yet another political and social convulsion. It was something we had done before, but we were a bigger paper before. …

Pat Beall accepting her Hillman Prize

Pat Beall accepting her Hillman Prize

At one point one of our editors said, “Well, you know, do any of our readers still care?” That got batted around for a couple of moments and, from off in a corner, the head of our photography department said, “I think it’s our job to make them care.”

I don’t know where my industry is going to be in five years. I don’t know where my industry is going to be in the next five months. But I do know there are rooms in newspapers across the country right now where editors and nervous publishers and highly paid consultants are going over the results of search engine optimization analyses and focus-group reports, trying to determine where to send photographers and reporters next, and what stories we should be writing just to keep our readers reading.

The Hillman is a great honor, but it is more than a prize. I believe that the Hillman is a reminder certainly to me tonight – and to many in my profession – not only of what we are still capable of doing, even with diminished resources and in tough times, but also why we should keep trying to do it.

I’m honored to be here tonight. Thank you.

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Yesterday from the North Country Gazette of Chestertown, NY:


After a few people (me included) questioned it, the tweet went down.


This is the news site that said in 2010 that it would sue website visitors if they read more than one article without subscribing.

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This memo was sent to Gawker Media employees at 10 a.m. ET Friday:

Yesterday was Geoff Manaugh’s last day as Editor-in-Chief of

Geoff is a real talent and one of the smartest thinkers in our editorial group, but unfortunately did not integrate well with the structure both within his team and the company as a whole. He is moving forward with an upcoming book and his continued work on BLDG BLOG.

Effective immediately, long-serving editor Brian Barrett has been promoted to full, permanent status as Editor-in-Chief, and will work with me to expand Gizmodo’s hiring to the levels necessary to ensure Gizmodo’s position as the leading voice of discovery in technology and design news.

Joel Johnson
Editorial Director
Gawker Media Group

* May 2013: A closer look at Gizmodo’s new editor-in-chief (


Ottawa Herald editor and publisher Jeanny Sharp tells Romenesko readers: “We have run ‘real’ sticky notes in the past but found this to be a more affordable and convenient option for many of our clients. Local retailers rarely plan ahead enough to get real sticky notes printed on our premises four weeks in advance of publication. However, we can turn-around these mock sticky notes in as little as a few days.”

* Is it just as obnoxious if the “sticker ad” is printed on the paper? (
* Thursday’s Ottawa (Kansas) Herald front page (

Earlier on JimRomenesko:
* “Got Stumps?” sticker ad appears next to story on amputee
* Publisher says “Hemorrhoids?” sticker ad was moved next to “Liquid Ass” hed

- via Matthew Keys

– via Matthew Keys

Thanks for letting us know, Fox 29
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