UC Santa Barbara newspaper explains why it didn’t cover the Isla Vista rampage

UC Santa Barbara student newspaper’s headline:

The editors of the student government-run paper say:

After extensive discussions among our Editorial Staff, advisor and alumni, we have decided to not immediately publish an article on the recent tragedy in our community of Isla Vista to minimize the emotional harm for our reporters, photographers and multimedia journalists. Before we are journalists, we are Gauchos and feel we need our time to mourn, process and recover from this senseless violence.

You dropped the ball, says CalBuzz’s Jerry Roberts: “The paper surely has done no favors for anyone on its staff who aspires to be a working journalist by abandoning the field, along with its role as a community news source. Wrong, wrong, wrong.”

He adds: “It’s impossible to escape the conclusion that The Bottom Line’s decision arose from its fundamentally conflicted identity as both a purveyor of campus news and an organ for elected student body leaders and, presumably, their constituents.”

Meanwhile, the independent campus paper, the Daily Nexus, is getting praise for its coverage of the shooting.

Update: This is from The Bottom Line’s “About” section:

The Bottom Line is a student-run weekly newspaper sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a quarterly lock-in fee of $1.69 per student.

Created in early 2007 in response to concerns that there should be multiple news sources on the UCSB campus, The Bottom Line provides a printed space for investigative journalism, culturally and socially aware commentary, and engaging reporting that addresses the diverse concerns of our readership, including UCSB and its surrounding community.

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