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Fun with bylines: A few days ago, I pointed out Washington Post reporter Tom Hamburger’s piece about food and the First Lady. This morning, @jfdulac let me know about Los Angeles Times reporter Scott Gold’s page one story on the drought and gold prospectors. I also noticed that the Sunday New York Times has a piece on a “secret” strip joint, written by Mosi Secret, who tells his Twitter followers that he’s “looking for unusual stories of sin in NYC: Gambling, sex and other vices that normally stay underground.”

* Drought brings gold prospectors back to life, by Scott Gold (
* Secret strip club proves that vice is hard to kill, by Mosi Secret (
* The First Lady vs. food companies, by Tom Hamburger (

Lewis Katz (Credit: Michael Bryant)

Lewis Katz (Credit: Michael Bryant)

Lewis Katz and six others were killed Saturday night when their Gulfstream IV ran off the runway and burst into flames in Bedford, Mass.

“I heard a big boom, and I thought at the time that someone was trying to break into my house because it shook it,” said Jared Patterson, who lives next to the Hanscom Field runway. “I thought someone was, like, banging on the door trying to get in.”

The 72-year-old Katz and business partner Gerry Lenfest gained control of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and on Tuesday after buying out their partners.

“We all deeply mourn the loss of my true friend and fellow investor,” says Lenfest said. “It is a severe loss, but I am pleased to announce that Drew Katz, Lewis’s son, will replace his father on the board of our new company.”

* Lewis Katz, co-owner of the Inquirer, dies in a plane crash (
* Flames rose 60 feet in the air, said an eyewitness (
* Crash scene photos (

Update: Drew Katz’s statement is after the jump. Read More