[UPDATED] Louisville Courier-Journal lays off top editors

UPDATE — Courier-Journal market development director Nancy Jo Trafton writes in an email: “I can confirm the announcement today of a restructuring in the newsroom at the Courier-Journal. Seven people were affected because their positions were eliminated. At the same time, we have created new positions that will be filled soon.

“While I cannot confirm individuals or their positions I can affirm that no reporting positions were affected by the restructuring.”

* “A piece of me died today,” says managing editor who was laid off (courier-journal.com)


I’ve received several reports of top editors being laid off at the Louisville Courier-Journal. So far, I’ve only seen metro editor Mike Trautmann announce his departure on Twitter. (I’m told seven in the newsroom were laid off today.)

Trautmann told colleagues that the restructuring was done to “make budget and flatten management.”

Staffers – current and former – are stunned by his ouster.
One writes: “The guy has been an unbelievable workhorse for the last decade. He regularly put in 12-hour days and had by far the biggest plate of responsibilities in the newsroom. As the staff shrank over the last 7-8 years, he kept taking on more duties and never complained about dwindling resources. He was loyal above all. It’s a shocking decision.”

Another email: “We are devastated at the CJ. They laid off our beloved metro editor … I am just devastated.”

I’m trying to confirm reports of other editors being laid off. Email me with your background information.

Update: Several emailers say managing editor Jean Porter was also laid off. I’ve asked her to confirm it. Others getting layoff notices: Multimedia manager John Mura, artist Steve Reed, and data desk manager Mark Taflinger.

There’s a newsroom meeting scheduled for 4:30 p.m. ET.

* Metro editor’s departure first of newsroom layoffs (insiderlouisville.com)