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Two days ago, a reader tipped me off to @BosMediaJerk, a Twitter feed that ripped everything about Boston media. I checked it today and got a “Page Doesn’t Exist” notice. I did a little searching and discovered that “Fuck Boston Media” switched gears and became @BosMediaLove. What happened? I’m still waiting for the FBM guy to answer my email, but I’m guessing his hate site didn’t get the attention he hoped it would; he only had 92 followers. His last tweet as @BosMediaJerk was: “*yawn* such a strange medium. I’ll sign off for good later today.”

* @BosMediaLove
* @BosMediaJerk (cached)


I’ve asked WSJ Weekend editorial director Ruth Altchek and other editors at the Journal how the freelancer was caught violating the paper’s ethics code.

Update: Altchek and Journal newsroom standards editor Karen Pensiero declined to comment.

* Corrections & Amplifications for June 10, 2014 (
* Commenter says taking free hotel stays is standard among travel writers (

Cached versions of Sharma’s articles, pulled by the Journal:
* Defrost your inner Winter Olympian
* Row, row, row your gondola
* Taking a peek at secret Florence


“Please, fellow PR types, let’s contain our excitement for exciting,” writes Detroit PR man and former TV news producer Matt Friedman. “Do we really expect journalists to fall for this? How about just letting them know what the news is?”

* “Exciting” is the most overused word in PR (
* Everyone’s excited in press releases (
* “Christie set to debut exciting new products at ISE 2014″ (

Update: A reaction from my Facebook page: “I’m just absolutely ecstatic that an obviously charming and smart PR person would finally recognize how incredibly important it is not to imply that the equally smart media or the very intelligent public should be excitedly excited about whatever it is they’re shouting … er, writing … about.”

* Judge to news media: No photos of girls charged in “Slender Man” case; Journal Sentinel to judge: You mean, these photos? (

* Why aren’t Jerad and Amanda Miller called “terrorists”? Washington Post’s Paul Farhi writes: “News organizations, including The Post, say they are reluctant to call anyone a terrorist unless officials do so first.” (

The mayor and the Timesmen

The mayor and the Timesmen

* University of Chicago prof’s study points out that newspapers’ popularity was declining long before the Internet. (
* Why pay BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti $40,000 for a little talk when you can just read this? (
* Dump George Will, NOW tells Washington Post. ( | Post opinion editor Fred Hiatt defends Will. (
* Alex Madrigal: Vox, FiveThirtyEight and the other new sites are “doing great work, and they are also making mistakes and doing weird stuff as they find their identities.” (
* Advance Publications is shopping Parade magazine. (
* Don’t let your new boss see those lewd pictures you have online! (
* Photos from the NYT Opinion launch party: ( | Photos from Time Inc. employees’ spinoff celebration: ( | Photos from Nick Denton‘s wedding: (
* An audit finds that Ohio public officials are getting better at releasing records. (
* Inside CNN’s LA newsroom during the OJ chase 20 years ago. (
* Metro Philadelphia staffer comes out to colleagues as transgender. (“I hated what I was.”) (
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