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Student editors at Fond du Lac (WI) High School’s Cardinal Columns magazine “were told to add another source to go along with a quote from a teen parent advising sexually active teens to go on birth control.”

- Handwriting by a school administrator

– Handwriting by a school administrator

* Cardinal Columns wings clipped again by school administrators (

“We plan to do political and policy news, not with a conservative bent, but just true, straight-down-the-middle journalism.” — Daily Signal publisher to

The journalism has to be “fair, factual [and] trustworthy,” as editor Rob Bluey puts it. — Washington Post

If I edited a publication that promised “straight-down-the-middle journalism,” I wouldn’t be putting out a letter thanking the recipients signal “for all you do for … the conservative movement.” (I don’t see the New York Times ever sending a note to subscribers thanking them for all they do for the progressive movement.)

A reader forwarded this letter and survey link from The Daily Signal editor-in-chief Rob Bluey. He tells Romenesko readers: “The Daily Signal is producing news stories that are fair, accurate and trustworthy. In addition, we carry conservative commentary and policy analysis that is in alignment with Heritage Foundation policy priorities. As editor in chief, I oversee both news and commentary. That said, you make a fair point and I’ll pay closer attention to my prose in the future.”

From: “Rob Bluey” <>
Date: June 13, 2014 at 9:33:48 AM CDT
Subject: Tell us what conservatism means to you…

Dear ——-,

I’m writing because I want your opinion.

Conservative ideas are rooted in the timeless ideals of the American founding. The movement is not defined by a set of policies but rather by a commitment to conserve America’s founding principles.

Recent events in Virginia suggest that the conservative movement is gaining steam, and The Heritage Foundation is conducting a two-question poll to gather feedback on what you feel about conservatism today.

Please take a moment to make your voice heard. Take the poll now.

Thanks for all you do for Heritage and the conservative movement.


Rob Bluey
Editor in Chief, The Daily Signal
The Heritage Foundation

Update: “We have apologized to the artist and offered to discuss compensation,” Ogilvy & Mather social media director Adam Kornblum writes in an email. “He has said he will get back to us on this.”

Artist and writer Drew Fairweather got an email on Wednesday from Ogilvy & Mather’s social media director who wanted to talk on the phone about an image. creativeprocess

“I thought this was weird,” Fairweather tells me, “so I replied and said ‘Email me with what you want and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.’ He continued to say he wouldn’t email about it.” (His request: “Let’s hop on the phone.”)

Fairweather did some searching and found the ad agency’s Twitter feed, which had a rip-off of a “Creative Process” image (at right) he drew a few years ago.

The artist figured out what Adam Kornblum, the social media director, was up to: “Clearly, he didn’t want to get it in writing that they had stolen my work.”

Fairweather tweeted about the stolen image, then heard again from Kornblum.

He wrote back and said “the tweet has been removed and I sincerely apologize.” He did not respond to any further questions or statements in my email reply to this, where I told him this was not an acceptable resolution. To date, there has not been an acceptable resolution to this – Ogilvy & Mather has neither apologized publicly, credited me for my work, or issued any kind of statement regarding the matter.

I’ve contacted Kornblum and Ogilvy marketing and communications manager Salpi Mekhjian but haven’t heard back. (Kornblum’s response is at the top of this post.)

* “Here’s the work Ogilvy stole from me and claimed as their own” (@drewtoothpaste)


flSarasota Herald-Tribune executive editor Bill Church tells Romenesko readers about his Friday page one: “The display reflected a high-interest topic that meshed with the photo’s unique dimensions. Besides, newspapers shouldn’t be boring. (We’re not.) We’re in a great market and our readers are quite skilled at operating a front page. [In my email to Church, I joked: “Oh no, readers have to turn the paper to read the story!!”] Today, we threw in a little twist.”

Here’s a larger front page view via | Update: Charles Apple writes that “playing [the page one piece] in an unusual way just enhances the viral nature of the story. I wouldn’t suggest doing this every day. But once in a while, when the content just begs for a horizontal treatment? Sure.”

* Reactions to the layout from my Facebook friends and subscribers

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