[UPDATE] ‘Medill F’ for Northwestern? ‘Integrated’ is misspelled on diplomas

- That's what they get for adopting such a clumsy name

– That’s what they get for adopting such a clumsy name (via @KitFoxNews)

“Students are mostly taking it with good humor,” Kit Fox, a Medill alum as of today, tells Romenesko readers. “The irony and jokes are just too easy.” He says the misspelling is only on the Medill honors diplomas. “It’s correct on the other ones.” | Does @TheMedillF know about this? | Read comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers.

Update from Desiree Hanford, Northwestern’s director of undergraduate education: “It appears that about 30 of the more than 250 diplomas given out at Saturday’s two graduation ceremonies had a spelling error. The diplomas are issued by the university, so we will work with the NU registrar’s office Monday to provide new diplomas to these students.”

* Earlier: Commencement program has “Lyndon B. Johnson School of Pubic Affairs” (jimromenesko.com)