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* Steven Levy‘s joining Medium to edit its new technology site. “Levy is the highest-profile writer to join Medium full time,” notes David Carr. ( | (
* David Sirota and Ted Rall are out at Pando Daily. ( | (
* Chicago Tribune expands its Opinion section. ( | (
npr* Coming soon to NPR: Longer underwriting credits and more morning newscasts. ( | New CEO Jarl Mohn starts July 1. (
* ASU’s Cronkite School is taking over the news and public affairs programming at Phoenix’s PBS station. (
* Sarah Jessica Parker will play a journalist on a TV show based on the book “Busted.” (
* Will Vice turn to rice once it’s acquired? asks Jack Shafer. (
* This should be fun! Fox News is going to debate whether Fox News critics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are losing their influence. (@HowardKurtz)
* Dave Brat isn’t a fan of the national media. (
* Johnny Diaz on why he self-published his latest book: “I wanted to experience the process of publishing from beginning to end.” (
* Headline of the Day: “Rudderless Congress Breaks Driverless Car.” (@mattdpearce)
* Time to start charging people who want to “pick your brain”? (
* Gawker (apparently) is not being acquired by Rupert Murdoch. (

Update: It’s been recovered “as a result of witnesses spotting the very distinctive car.”

To celebrate the launch of its Juice youth-aimed magazine, the Des Moines Register in 2005 gave away a new Scion tC. “We figured that whoever won this free car would paint over this so they weren’t stuck driving around in an advertisement for our fine publication,” writes Juice staffer Joe Lawler. “But we were wrong.”

The car was recently stolen and “for someone who is trying not to get caught, this [failure to paint it over] could be a negative,” notes Lawler. But the Webster County Crime Stoppers told me this afternoon that the colorful vehicle is still missing.

* Someone stole Juice’s car (

A newspaper owner’s Facebook status update:

Why Pulaski County Daily editor/publisher Darrell Maurina won’t cover a military base’s first LGBTQ Pride event:

I don’t see a reason to take a small event that probably most people would never have paid much attention to and turn it into an event that will get far more attention than it would have gotten before I show up.

How does that help people who want to see more lesbians in the military? What it does do is, it hurts people and prevents them from being able to publicly advocate their viewpoints.

* Journalist refuses to cover military base’s pride event (
* Read the comments about Darrell Maurina’s post on Facebook

Detroit News staffers received this note today:

Detroit News style updates:

Washington Redskins football team

The Detroit News will no longer use the team’s nickname, “Redskins,” in routine football coverage, reflecting the growing view thatnewmemo the term is offensive to many Americans. Last Wednesday, a federal board voted to cancel the Washington Redskins’ trademark, deeming the name “disparaging” of Native Americans. For our platforms, use Washington football team on first reference, except Washington (alone) is acceptable if the reference to the NFL team is clear. On second and subsequent references, use Washington where the context will make it clear to our readers we’re talking about the NFL team. It is acceptable to use the Washington Redskins identification in items that refer to the naming controversy.

Earlier on
* Nov. 2013: Orange County Register stops using “Redskins”
* Some newspapers banned “Redskins” in the 1990s

Last week, the Des Moines Register wrote about a man who said he was riding a mule from Kentucky to Wyoming. (The local angle was that an Iowan was helping the guy out with a horse trailer and temporary shelter.)

“Randy Tucker promised his granddaughter a mule, so now he’s on a mission to keep his word, even if it means riding the animal hundreds of miles through the Midwest,” the Gannett paper reported. “The 52-year-old Floridian says he is riding the mule to Wyoming because a truck broke down last month while transporting the animal.”

Tucker and his mule

Tucker and his mule

The story prompted Register readers to donate money to Tucker, but now the paper is reporting that the man’s tale “was a bit too good be true.”

“Randy Tucker did ride from Missouri to Iowa with just his animal, but the rest of his story is nebulous,” writes Register reporter Timothy Meinch. “There is no 9-year-old named Sierra in Dubois, Wyo., awaiting the arrival of Grandpa Randy Tucker with Jaguar, a 6-year-old mule.”

After the Register’s story ran, one of Tucker’s relatives contacted the helpful Iowan and warned him that he was dealing with “a fraud.”

I’ve asked Meinch if there were questions raised about Tucker’s tale last week.

Update: Meinch writes in an email:

I tracked down Randy Tucker and the Iowa rancher who helped him Thursday afternoon after multiple police departments received calls from concerned citizens, and many Twitter folks inquired about “the man with a donkey” in their city.

An Accurint search on him in Florida and Kentucky turned back no results and some quick online research with such a common name was unsuccessful, so we decided to share the developing story from his perspective and the Iowans already coming to his aid Thursday. I say developing because I immediately followed up with police whether he was properly IDed an verified his name and background. This research was underway for a follow up article before I reached the rancher Tuesday (upon his return from the weekend trip west) and he told me about his conversation with the sister in law.

Warning: Register stories have auto-play videos.

* Tale of man and mule hoofing it was too good to be true (
* Earlier: Iowan helps man, mule hoofing it to Wyoming (
– h/t Jared Strong

Please don’t go offline until I’ve watched the 16 shows you’ve recorded for me.

- Watching the Aereo ruling with Aereo

– Watching the Aereo ruling with Aereo

* Aereo loses to broadcasters in Supreme Court fight ( | (
* TV industry stocks up after Aereo ruling (

* Bill Bastone & Co. buy The Smoking Gun back from Time Warner. ( | From 2001: Time Warner’s Court TV acquires The Smoking Gun. (
* David Muir is replacing Diane Sawyer as ABC “World News” anchor and managing editor on September 2. She’ll focus on big interviews and specials. (
* There’s only one product manager at Amazon, and that’s Jeff Bezos. (
red* The high school newspaper editors who refuse to print “Redskins” are without social media accounts after their principal ordered them closed. “I thought it wise to ‘close the barn door’ for the time being,” he says. ( | Compromise: Students can choose not to print “Redskins” in a news article, but they can’t prohibit the word in an editorial. (
* Scott Bixby on the idiocy of crowdfunding for bullying victims. The bogus KFC story “was cooked up with eleven herbs and spices,” he writes. (
* Jann Wenner‘s son Gus is now in charge of all Wenner Media websites. (
* Steve Brill would like to see news outlets take a look at Hillary Clinton alternatives. (
* The so-called Pulitzers of Business Journalism were handed out last night. (
* Streaming video network 120 Sports launches today. “It’s really just not television,” says its chief technology officer. “It’s the anti-television.” ( | (
* JOBS: A weekly in the Northwest is looking for an Arts & Culture blogger. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Noted: Rupert Murdoch probably won’t buy the Boston Herald. (
* No surprise that Burger Chef was the most talked about brand on the first half of the last season of “Mad Men.” (
* Former Gannett CEO Craig Dubow invests in Rant Media. ( | Dubow left Gannett in 2011 with a $32 million severance package. (
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