Digital First Media memo has names of staffers being cut and considered for dismissal


I’m told that Digital First Media laid off about 45 technology division staffers on Tuesday. After the cuts were made, DFM chief technology officer Bob Mason emailed an updated organization chart and other information to the remaining employees – including names of employees cut, staffers to keep and those being considered for dismissal. (I’m told that about 15 employees received Mason’s 15-page memo.)

I asked DFM chief executive John Paton about this and he replied:

Jim, not sure what charts you are referring to. It would be unfortunate if in any way publication of same would violate employees’ privacy.

That said, restructuring the workforce is something that happens monthly in a company like ours as we move from a print centric org to a truly multi-platform org.

I am not sure of exact numbers as I trust our managers to do what they need to do as they follow our strategy. We did in the past week or so restructure some I.T. and digital positions along with others. Similar to Thunderdome some work was de-centralized to the field.

We have outsourced some digital work which is consistent with our strategy.

I then sent Paton the above chart and he replied: “I couldn’t possibly comment as it would violate employee privacy. Whoever sent to you has done that which is, of course, a serious breach of that very privacy.” I responded: “John, Another obvious issue is Bob Mason putting out a memo with names of employees he’s considering axing.”

* Digital First Media tight-lipped about layoffs (