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- From Saturday's New York Times front page

– From Saturday’s New York Times front page

Credit goes to New York Times assistant national editor Renee Murawski and assistant news editor Philip Gray. “It was obviously tongue-in-cheek for a column, and well done,” says Dan Barry, author of the phone booth piece.

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July 5 update: The New York Times says Sharma also accepted free hotel accommodations while working for them.

On June 10, the Wall Street Journal reported that it caught freelance travel writer Akhil Sharma accepting free and discounted goods and servicessharma – including hotel stays – while doing Journal pieces. The paper removed his stories from its archives.

“Nobody seems to have noticed that the NYT ran a travel article by him a few days later,” a Romenesko reader writes in an email. “Or maybe nobody cares?” (Sharma had a story in the June 15 Times print edition. It went online two days earlier.)

Update: Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy says: “After seeing the Journal’s note, we asked the writer about this week’s piece, which had already gone to press. He said he had not received any free benefits in connection with the piece. It is longstanding Times policy not to allow travel writers to accept free or discounted travel benefits.”

Update 2: Sharma did accept free hotel accommodations while on assignment for the Times, according to the paper. (h/t @phil_rosenthal)

Editors’ Note: June 30, 2014
After this article was published, editors learned that the writer had accepted free accommodations from the hotel that is mentioned. Times policy does not allow travel writers to accept such benefits; if editors had known in advance about the arrangement, the article would not have been published.

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