[UPDATED] What’s in your goodie bag, Wall Street Journal staffers?

Memo from the head of Wall Street Journal’s Real-Time News Desk:

From: Wisnefski, Stephen
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 8:50 AM
To: Real-Time News Desk
Subject: WSJ125 Goodie Bags

All –
As many of you already know, WSJ is distributing goodie bags to employees to commemorate the 125th anniversary. You will be receiving a note soon from HR letting you know where to pick them up. The bags weren’t left on the desks of the RT editors because most of us share our workspaces.


wsj“The ice cream scoops seem to be a real hit,” writes my Journal tipster. “There are also cell phone chargers. There are a couple other things, but those are the items really talked about.”

Update: “We also got a notebook with WSJ 125 on the front of it,” writes another Journal staffer. “The ice cream scooper says ‘125 Years of Scoops.’ Quite fitting! I can also confirm the portable cell phone charger we received too.”

Update 2: Sorry, WSJ freelancers.

Please be advised. Unfortunately, If you are a contingent worker or freelancer you are not eligible for the WSJ 125 Bag.

Rolanda Bazemore
The Wall Street Journal
News Assistant

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