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A Romenesko reader writes: “I’d rather not have my name attached, but this screenshot is a funny example of why automatically truncating headlines can be dangerous. This is from the [Wilmington, Del.] News Journal’s iPhone app a few minutes ago. The full headline reads “Single mom who wrote Obama is president’s lunch date.”

* Single mom wrote Obama, is his lunch date (

A Romenesko reader writes: “So in the last 20 minutes I have received this email more than 15 times.rejected Don’t rub it in Seattle Times. Most awkward job rejection ever. I’m assuming this has happened to about 249 other people.”

From: Cheryl Kaiser via SmartRecruiters
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 4:19 PM
Subject: Seattle Times Lifestyle Reporter Update

Thank you for applying for the position of lifestyle reporter at The Seattle Times. We received more than 250 applications, and it took us months to carefully consider them all. We have now offered the job to our top candidate, and that candidate has accepted the job.

We appreciate the time and effort that you put into your application materials. The quality of the work we received was impressive, to say the least.

Thank you, and best wishes for your job search.

Lynn Jacobson
Features editor

I’ve asked Jacobson if she knows about the apparent glitch. Lisa Kennedy of Bhava Communications, who does PR work for SmartRecruiters, would not give me SmartRecruiters’ phone number, but promised to let the firm know I called.

Update — Jacobson tells Romenesko readers:

The Seattle Times has just become aware that a technical error caused duplicate emails to be sent to candidates who were not hired to fill our lifestyle reporting job. We regret the incident and are looking into what caused it. We’re also responding individually to candidates who are contacting us and are – understandably – aggrieved.

I meant what I said in the letter, however: This was an exceptionally large and well qualified group of candidates. The amount of talent in the pool was staggering. Each candidate deserved at the very least the courtesy of being informed that we had hired someone else for the job – though only once, not multiple times.

The D.C. Metropolitan Police after-action report on the September 16, 2013, Navy Yard mass shooting was released last Friday after the Washington Post filed a Freedom of Information Act request. The section about the media’s performance is near the end of the report.

The report adds:

It should be noted that the “law enforcement sources” cited by the media are equally culpable for having aided in the dissemination of unconfirmed or erroneous information during an ongoing incident. During one of the press conferences, the MPD Chief of Police offered clear advice to the press and their sources: Do not perpetuate erroneous information. If the information you receive is not from this group of officials (Unified Command), it is neither official nor reliable.

* Metropolitan Police Department Navy Yard After-Action Report (
* Confusion marred police response to Navy Yard shooting, report finds (

Update: Read comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers

From Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner’s review of Knife: “While there’s clearly something special going on here, and the restaurant has great potential,dallas [chef John] Tesar might well be a victim of his own exuberance and energy. I can’t help but feel that if the menu were half the size and more care and thought put into each dish, Knife would be twice as good a restaurant.”

Tesar (right) responds on Twitter: “Fuck you! Your reviews are misleading poorly written, self serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck.”

Brenner tells Romenesko readers: “I stand by my review. I worked very hard on it, it’s fair and our readers will judge it for themselves. As always, I look forward to reading their comments.”

* John Tesar has his way with beef at Knife (
* Tesar slams Dallas Morning News critic’s review of his place (
* From September 2011: Tesar is the most hated chef in Dallas (

Matt Buchanan tweeted the above after noticing Distractify’s About page.

jobsYou look familiar, young man.twins

* Distractify raises $7 million, plans to quadruple its writing staff (
* Distractify About and Jobs page (
* “Clearly it’s their attention to detail that makes them so valuable” (

Oh, sure, ruin all my fun!
memmos* NPR staffers are reminded to always call “the other side.” (
* Things have become “kind of a mess” at Scientific American, reports Paul Farhi. (
* Survey says 36% of consumers find online video ads more annoying than TV commercials. (
* Christian Science Monitor closes its Chicago bureau. (
* GateHouse wants to outsource its photojournalism at two Illinois dailies. (
* A recent Detroit Metro Times cover story was an advertorial – an “oversight,” claims one of the alt-weekly’s owners. (
* A fake AP story reports that U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel is dropping out of the race. “The report claims Ravenel’s petition candidacy was ‘all a promotion for his Bravo show ‘Southern Charm.’” (
* “Newspapers will not remain mass media, they will become niche media, as they were before the 1850s.” (
* Randi Zuckerberg has a new tech show on SiriusXM. Brother Mark won’t be one of her first guests. (
* The early days of “bloggering.” (
* Arizona State University’s State Press goes all-digital. “The legacy print product does not serve [readers’] needs,” say editors. (
* The Katie Rosman edition of the Wall Street Journal. (She’s headed to the New York Times.) (@katierosman) | (@katierosman)times
* Minneapolis coffee shop patrons love the New York Times. (@ConorDougherty)
* @TheMedillF finds another diploma misspelling: “cummunications.” (UC Berkeley in 2008.) (@TheMedillF) | Earlier: “Integrated” is misspelled on some Medill diplomas. (