Morning Report for July 18, 2014

* The MH17 crash on newspaper front pages: ( | (
* Graphic photos are all over social media. Reuters’s policy: “We should not…publish graphic images and details or obscene language gratuitously or with an intention to titillate or to shock.” (
* Russia Today’s Sara Firth quits over her station’s coverage of the crash. ( | “I’m for the truth,” she tweets. (@Sara__Firth)
murdoch* The majority stake of Forbes is sold to a Hong Kong investment group. (
* NBC News isn’t saying why it pulled veteran reporter Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza. (
* Rupert Murdoch (right) says he can’t buy the Los Angeles Times because “cross-ownership laws from another age still in place.” (@rupertmurdoch) | Why he’s been off Twitter: “I have been busy lately with many preoccupations!” (@rupertmurdoch) | Murdoch’s chief of staff took the photo of the mogul tweeting again. (@nravitz)
* Murdoch went after Time Warner in the summer of 1983. ( | Why he shouldn’t go after it now. (
* A convention devoted to Tumblr “goes horribly wrong.” ( | Statement from the organizers: (
deepblue* Atlanta’s mayor blocks journalists on Twitter. (
* [At right] Tipster: Journal Broadcast Group chief photojournalist Curt Tremper “pimps out air-conditioning company for free plane ride to cover story.”
* Report: New York Daily News is laying off 17 newsroom staffers. (
* Exploit much, Out Front? “The interview process will be a week-long trial in which the applicant works from home … to write the multiple stories that will be assigned.” (
* Ezra Klein, “news personality.” (@MrDanZak)
* Hey, CNN, the Washington Post does not own Vox. (@christhorman)
* The Davenport (IA) City Council approves $178,000 for a city-run digital newsroom. (
* “A committed writer should tell a beginning one to write fearlessly. Be not afraid.” (
* ESPN asks pro golfers if they can name all four Beatles; some can’t. (