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Raleigh’s mayor knew nothing about the press release below — because it was put out by a PR firm and not city hall. A News & Observer reporter called PR man Scott Misner earlier today and asked about his fake announcement. “Let me figure out how we want to handle this,” the self-described “idea guy” told the N&O journalist. “I will call you back with accurate, factual information.” When he called back, Misner said that “at no point has there been a lie told.”


* PR firm issues fake release about mayoral announcement (

The jokesters at @BicycleLobby took credit earlier today for replacing American flags with white flags “to signal our complete surrender of the Brooklyn Bridge bicycle path to pedestrians.” The AP and New York Daily News believed them.

* The AP, NYDN fall for Brooklyn Bridge Twitter hoax ( | (
* The @BicycleLobby Twitter profile says it’s a parody account (
* @BicycleLobby has fun with the news organizations’ reports (@BicycleLobby)

Veteran Pittsburgh sportswriter Dejan Kovacevic has quit the Tribune-Review to launch DK on Pittsburgh Sports, which will be supported by $4/month subscriptions and a corporate sponsor.

Dejan Kovacevic

Dejan Kovacevic

“Why oh why would anyone, shy of momentary madness, even contemplate such a thing?” he writes. “The answer, to me, is simple: This is what’s at the other end of the tunnel.”

I want to be able to bring you the Pittsburgh sports scene at the pace that the online community expects rather than the one that follows print schedules. …Sports tend to happen at night. Readers don’t want to hear that a night game can’t be covered because of a print deadline. Or that writing only occurs on designated days of the week. They want their reading material as timely and relevant as possible.

Kovacevic, 47, acknowledges that “a lot of people will think this is nuts. And I’ll agree, at least regarding the perception. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work.”

Kovacevic says the corporate sponsor, which he’ll name next week, offered last Thursday to help “significantly.” He adds: “Wheels were already in motion, but at least now they weren’t heading for a cliff.”

He tells Romenesko readers:

I’m in a good spot here in Pittsburgh in terms of visibility, and I’ve been doing this long enough [24 years] that I’d like to think a trust has developed. Between me and readers. Between me and the teams and people I cover. I’m sure others have that in this business, but I can’t imagine it’s widespread. It’s a close-to-unique situation.

Kovacevic says of his wife: “She was nervously on board before the sponsorship, 100% after. She’ll actually be handling the business. I’m a complete idiot with that stuff. I just want to write columns and post stuff.” (The couple have a 13-year-old daughter, a 10-year-old son – and a mortgage.)

“[The site’s] been up as a Beta since 10 p.m. last night, and I’ve got 750 subscribers, more than half going for the full three years. The goal is 10,000 subscribers after a full year. I’m confident in that figure.”

* Trib sportswriter Kovacevic quits the paper to start a website (
* Dejan Kovacevic introduces his news site ( | He takes questions on Facebook

* Kovacevic hopes to gets 10,000 subscriptions in the first year (

A tweet from the Los Angeles Times books/publishing reporter:

She’s referring to this Sandy Banks column in today’s Times.

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Alan Murray, who is stepping down as Pew Research Center president to become Fortune editor, tells his Pew colleagues:

It is with very mixed emotions that I announce I am leaving at the end of the month to become Editor of Fortune magazine.

Alan Murray

Alan Murray

This is not a job I was looking for, or sought. But Fortune, created by Henry Luce some 85 years ago, is one of the nation’s great and enduring journalistic brands. It is one of only two places I applied to work after finishing my graduate degree. The opportunity to lead this iconic news organization into the new media world does not feel like just another job opportunity. It feels like a calling, and it is one I find impossible to resist.

I will miss this place immensely. I was an ardent consumer and user of the Pew Research Center before coming here in November of 2012. In the nearly two years since, I have become so much more than that. I am in awe of what you do, your intelligence, your rigor, your overwhelming dedication to your work. This is a very special place and you are a very special group of people. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve the organization for the last two years./CONTINUES Read More

* Pew Research Center president Alan Murray has been named editor of Fortune magazine. drunkHe succeeds Andy Serwer, who is leaving Time Inc. ( | Congrats to Murray are coming in. | Serwer’s last tweet and Instagram: Listening to “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “On Top of the World.”
* Washington Post’s “much anticipated” Storyline – now online – is “dedicated to the power of stories to help us understand complicated, critical things.” ( | Wonk wars heat up. (
* “Napalm Girl” photographer Nick Ut, 63, is still shooting for the AP. (
* Jill Abramson‘s only talking to female journalists who are likely to be kind. “She is not only brilliant at overseeing the news, she is also brilliant at managing the news, particularly when it’s about her.” (
* “Forbes was a journalistic force not so long ago.” (
* Gannett reports higher revenue and earnings for the second quarter, but misses on analysts’ revenue projections. ( | (
* Sarasota Herald-Tribune launches a medical marijuana page. ( | (
* A “knowledgeable source” says AtlanticLive – Atlantic magazine’s events arm – brings in close to $10 million annually. (
* Advice for journalists of color. (“Dispel any rumors, however quiet, that you are just there for a ‘quota.'”) (
* At right: John Stamos visits BuzzFeed. (
* Andy Wright has been named publisher of The New York Times Magazine. He’s been with the Times for 17 years. (Times press release)
* A bicycle-riding Carl Bernstein was once ticketed for pedaling through a red light. (
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* Chris Young: “Think @BP_America meant for this top tweet to appear in its ad on today’s @washingtonpost website?” (It reads: “Someone spilled so much oil in my shop, I almost thought @BP_America came for a visit.”) (@ChrisYoungCPI)