Morning Report for July 24, 2014

Dare to chart your own course, journalism students!

* Alex Beam: “If they made a cartoon about a Baby Boomer newspaper columnist, they would name it Dora the Deplorer.” (
* Even background interviews at the White House have to be “chaperoned.” Also, writes Paul Farhi, “reporters who cover other parts of official Washington, such as Capitol Hill, can usually count on encountering an official escort, turning a one-on-one interview into a one-on-two.” (
toast* Everyone tells Lloyd Grove that David Gregory is toast. (
* Josh Topolsky leaves The Verge, where he was top editor, and joins Bloomberg. (@Tyrangiel)
* Unnamed sources in Washington “remain way too prevalent in contemporary journalism,” writes Rem Rieder. (
* BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner is named Journalist of the Year by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. (
ivy* “Don’t send your kid to the Ivy League,” says a magazine that has dozens of staffers from Ivy League schools. (
* Sorry, but the finger will never replace a good pen. ( | “Full-blown bullshit.” (
* Fired Louisville Courier-Journal circulation exec Mike Hout wants $1 million from Gannett. ( | After one Gannett exec complained that dealing with the Hout situation might kill him, Gannett HR vice president Randi Austin told him: “Just go for more Chardonnay. And make it the good stuff.” (
* Times of London chief tennis writer Neil Harman admits to plagiarism. (
* A few readers have pointed out that many AP stories are missing bylines. Here’s why: (
* A lawmaker’s op-ed in the Charleston (SC) Post and Courier looks familiar. (