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The above did not happen in Durango; this is the Durango Herald’s coverage of a training exercise at an elementary school. An editor’s note above the story points out that “the events described … are not part of a true emergency.” Still, commenters are critical of the story.

* Training exercise mimics school shooting (
* “I’m sure the intent was not harmful, but…” (

Update: “They totally changed the article” (@jlgolson) | The first version is here

drewbreesNew Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is on the cover of the July 28 Sports Illustrated “NFL Training Camp ’14” issue wearing a TRX T-shirt. There are seven more Brees/TRX photos in the feature well, along with plugs for the TRX training system.

“A full workout on the TRX can absolutely destroy you,” Brees tells the magazine. (The story is behind a paywall.) SI’s Austin Murphy writes that the TRX Rip Trainer “looks like fun! But it’s serious fun.”

The 11-page spread on Brees and TRX fails to mention that, according to Fortune, Brees is an investor in the company that makes the TRX training system.

What Sports Illustrated says:: “This was a story about how an elite QB entering his 14th season stays at the top of his game, while affording readers access to those same training methods. It was not a story about TRX, though we should have disclosed the relationship. It was unintentional, but it should have been acknowledged.”

* Earlier: Brees is an investor in Fitness Anywhere and its TRX training system (
* TRX features the SI piece on its website (

Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten warned his Twitter followers this morning that his Tuesday chat intro “is long and angry and will get some people pissed!” His screed calls the BuzzFeed/Benny Johnson saga “silly” and says that “as a plagiarism scandal, this is complete bull-doody.”

Benny Johnson

Benny Johnson

It’s a pathetic little phony scandal, with a dirty secret behind it, and everyone wrapped up in it is complicit to some degree, including Buzzfeed, up there on top of that high horse whose feet are sunk in the mud, and even the indignant Internet sleuths who broke this gotcha thing, and even to a smaller degree my illustrious MSM colleagues who have been far too willing to certify this thing as a major plagiarism disgrace without asking some disturbing followup questions.

What Benny Johnson did isn’t real plagiarism, says Weingarten, because “to be guilty of theft, one must steal something of some intrinsic value” – an original insight, for example.

“But I contend you cannot steal something of no intrinsic value; say, a fart,” he continues. “Someone who steals a fart is a weird, disreputable person, perhaps, and even someone deserving of firing, perhaps, but not a thief. This is Mr. Benny Johnson.”

Veteran press critic Jack Shafer disagrees.

* Chatological Humor with Gene Weingarten (
* Twitter user who exposed Johnson says a lot of the personal attacks on the fired writer were over the top, but… (
* The BuzzFeed saga explained by “Shattered Glass” GIFs (

Version #1

Version #2

Ouch! “@AP Still drunk from last night?” asks one commenter.

* “Hello from @AP, and thanks for your feedback on this tweet (@EricCarvin)

* Newspaper newsroom employment declined by 3.2% in 2013, but the number of minority journalists at papers increased. (ASNE)chart
* New York Times Co. profit falls 21% in the second-quarter. Severance expenses – for Jill Abramson, no doubt – are listed at $2.2 million. ( | (
* It’ll be a $79 million payday for Time Warner execs if the company is sold. (
* Ad buyers don’t give a hoot about BuzzFeed’s plagiarism scandal. (
* Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post correspondent being held in Iran, suffers from high blood pressure and probably doesn’t have access to his medication. (
* Corey Pein: The most influential journopreneurs – “brand names” who go off on their own – “actually exude disdain for traditional reporters and their craft.” (
* Facebook investor Marc Andreessen takes a victory lap. (
* Rachel Smolkin quits Politico to become executive editor of CNN Politics. (
* Newspaper chain Morris Communications says it’s out of debt and can now offer a 401(k) match. (
* NPR to staff: Don’t use first names on second reference – unless it’s been discussed. (
* The just-launched NPR One app targets casual public radio listeners. (
* The alt-weeklies convention “was like a three-day journalism high,” says a 24-year-old attendee. (
* Tell that to Marquette University! “An overdue book is nothing to be ashamed of.” (