Photojournalist seeks $15K to get his book about the Philadelphia Inquirer published

Photojournalist Will Steacy, who has spent the last five years documenting the Philadelphia Inquirer’s challenges, is trying to raise $15,000 for “Deadline,” a book he hopes to have published by the end of the year. Steacy (photo below) hasn’t asked for financial help until now. “It has been a long journey and I have pushed the boundaries to the absolute extreme on my own.” He says in his Kickstarter video:

My intent with this project is to create a portrait of the challenges and harsh realties that face the newspaper industry today. …This book opens the door into a rarely seen world and offers a behind-the-scenes insider look at the Philadelphia Inquirer in its efforts to prevail in a digital era — despite continued buyouts, layoffs, depleted ad revenue, dwindling circulation and bankruptcy.

At last check, Steacy had raised $2,709, with 19 days left in the campaign.

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