Evening Report for August 5, 2014

* Rupert Murdoch claims he’s no longer interested in Time Warner. (cnn.com) | A negotiating ploy, perhaps. (buzzfeed.com)
* “The marriage between Dan Snyder and the [Washington] Times has drawn mostly whimpers from the journalism watchdogs,” writes a journalist who was once sued by Snyder. (deadspin.com)emmy
* Sacramento news anchor Sabrina Rodriguez (right) turns herself in for shoplifting and resigns. (newsreview.com) | “Somewhere along the way something went terribly wrong” for Rodriguez. (sacbee.com)
* Bill Keller: “Success [for The Marshall Project] would be an increasing public awareness and sense of urgency about the fact that our system fails the most basic test: helping to keep us safe.” (reddit.com)
* Washington Post discloses a source’s fabrications. (washingtonpost.com)
* Criteo’s Greg Coleman is named BuzzFeed president. (wsj.com) | A BuzzFeed IPO coming soon? (@Kantrowitz)
* Conde Nast jumps into bed with Monsanto. (gawker.com)
* Today’s Mad magazine is “certainly more snarky, a little more adult.” (mashable.com)
* An MSNBC correspondent accidentally says President Obama is “from Kenya.” (theweek.com)
* More on Sports Illustrated, Drew Brees and TRX. (cjr.org) | Earlier: SI story fails to mention Brees is a TRX investor. (jimromenesko.com)
* The new owner of Louisville’s LEO Weekly apologizes for the “rough transition,” which included layoffs and walkouts. (courier-journal.com)