[UPDATED] More Gannett journalists are told they have to reapply for their jobs

- Gannett investors like the spinoff

– Gannett investors like the spinoff

A journalist in Ohio writes: “My friend in newsroom in Cincy says Enqy will be like Tennessean – everyone has to apply for their job amid the ‘redesign’ of newsroom.”

The Enquirer is breaking that news in four newsroom meetings today.

Update:Here’s what’s going on at Asbury Park Press,” writes an APP journalist. “This ran online and in the paper. We all have to reapply for our jobs.”

Update 2: From a Fort Myers journalist — “Here at the News-Press, we will not have to reapply for our jobs. We were told only six ‘pilot’ properties will do so to balance out the power structures (i.e. get more reporters, less editors).”

Earlier from other Gannett editors:
* Asheville Citizen-Times: “We’re embarking on a sweeping reconfiguration of the way our news team is set up.”
* Pensacola News Journal: “We’re creating the newsroom of the future.”
* Greenville News: “Staff will need new tools and skillsets.”

What’s going on at other Gannett papers? Let me know, please.

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