[UPDATED] Oops! A long Facebook status update is inserted in a Commercial Appeal story

This appeared in Friday’s Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Here’s the “incorrect type” that appeared in Thomas Bailey’s story on Thursday. I asked him about it and he responded: “I’ve forwarded your email to one of our editors who looked into it more than I did.” I’m told that the “long status alert” inserted in the story came from a copy editor, not the reporter.


Update — Editor Louis Graham tells Romenesko readers:

A copy editor had multiple screens open and as I understand copied the status update from her email into FB, then later accidently copied it, again, into the text of the story she was editing. Obviously, it’s embarrassing for her and the newspaper; it’s a regrettable accident. We ran a correction in print this morning and re-ran the story.

As you should understand, I’m not in the position to speak with you about internal disciplinary matters.

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