Morning Report for August 11, 2014

* The salary gap between PR people and news reporters widens. (
* David Carr doubts people will care – or even notice – when print newspapers go away. (
* “The future may be desktop and mobile,” writes Michael Wolff, “but if print dies before that future arrives, it is quite unclear what will happen to the [New York] Times and, as well, the rest of us.” (
* Jeff Jarvis: Old media companies should be using their cash flow to reinvent themselves. (
* Harper’s publisher and “backwards old coot” John “Rick” MacArthur is wrong about a lot of things, but right about not giving away content. (
* Liev Schreiber will play Marty Baron (at right) in the upcoming movie about the Boston Globe’s clergy abuse probe. (
* A comment on BuzzFeed’s $850 million valuation: “All Reddit users should get a cut based on their link karma. It’s only fair considering we produce 80% of BuzzFeed’s content.” (@amzam) | Another $50 million for BuzzFeed. (
* Why BuzzFeed is launching a Hollywood studio. (
* Chuck Todd is expected to be the new “Meet the Press” moderator. (
* Sarcastic Dave Barry: “I don’t know what we would do down here [in Florida] without the New York Times.” (
* Jets coach Rex Ryan grills New York sports reporters. Why are the journalists playing along? asks Josh Benton. (@jbenton)
* “I cannot imagine the networks placing a newscast in primetime, as some nations — like Israel — do,” says Ken Auletta. (
* Oops! Watch for the New York Times corrections column to correct its spelling of print. (@johnmcquaid)