Morning Report for August 12, 2014

* Steve Cavendish: “Oh, cremation post-it ad, you couldn’t have been more ill-timed or ill-placed.” (
* Letterman writer Bill Scheft on Robin Williams: “Onstage, his brilliance was never questioned, but the route he might take was. Comics loved him as an actor, and actors loved him as a comic. That is as diplomatic as I can be.” (
* New York Times war correspondent Alissa Rubin is injured in a helicopter crash in Iraq. (
* The New York Police Department tells its officers that they can’t stop citizens from photographing or videotaping them. (
* Newspaper, magazine and website editors discuss diversity in their newsrooms. “It is not something that I think about on a forward-facing level,” says Vice’s editor-in-chief. (
* Will Bunch shows that even “newsrooms of the future” need copy editors. (
* Tribune Media profit up 25% in the second quarter. The broadcasting segment was strong; publishing wasn’t. ( | Tribune Publishing ad revenue was down 7.1% for the quarter. (
* Gannett’s Indianapolis Star announces the sixth round of layoffs in six years. (
* No surprise: Twitter admits that as many as 23 million of its active users are bots. (
* Matt Taibbi adds to his First Look Media team. (
* A San Antonio Express-News features editor shames people who don’t pick up their dog’s mess. ( Video plays after 10 seconds)
* Stop the presses! A newspaper reporter is honored by politicians. (