Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wants your ‘quality essay’ – but doesn’t want to pay for it

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is looking for 750-word essays “about concrete experiences rather than opinions” to be published in its Portfolio section. I asked in comments below the P-G’s solicitation if writers would be compensated. I didn’t get a response, but a Romenesko reader points out that others inquired on the paper’s Facebook page, and got this answer:

While freelance contributors may be compensated in other parts of the newspaper, Portfolio serves as an outlet for writers who enjoy seeing their work in print and want to share their experiences.

It has not been a problem in the past, as most Portfolio contributors are not professionals seeking to do this for a living or as an income supplement.

Ah, the Huffington Post model!

The Post-Gazette is owned by Block Communications, which recently paid Ted Nugent $50,000-plus for an appearance.

* Want to write for the Post-Gazette? (post-gazette.com)