Medill announces major changes to its Journalism Residency program

Here is Medill’s email about its Journalism Residency program, which has students interning at news sites for one quarter without pay. My tipster says the biggest change here is #3. “Most seniors have completed 2+ internships excluding JR, so we’ve long griped about paying full tuition to add one more internship to our resumes.”

August 18, 2014

Dear Medill students,
We hope you are having a wonderful summer and are enjoying all that comes with warm weather and long days.

As your thoughts begin turning to the start of the school year next month, we went to let you know about some changes to the Journalism Residency (JR) program. In an effort to enhance this experience, you’ll have more options when it comes to selecting a site. medill

Beginning with the Class of 2016 (rising juniors), you’ll have three choices for JR:

1. You can go through the placement process as it currently exists, where Medill has found and vetted a site
2. You can find your own JR site, which Medill must vet before giving approval
3. You can use an existing internship or fellowship as a JR (which Medill must vet before giving approval), even if the internship or fellowship is during the summer

No matter which option you choose, you will still select one of the four tracks (news/online, magazine, broadcast/video or marketing communications) during your sophomore year and take two required pre-JR classes, as well as Media Law and Ethics.

Please let us or the Office of Student Life know if you have any questions or concerns. The Medill faculty and staff look forward to working with you in an out of the classroom as you prepare for this exciting undertaking.

Associate Dean Craig LaMay and Acting Director of Undergraduate Education and Journalism Residency Coordinator Desiree Hanford

* Medill program offers internships with prestige, but no pay (