Missouri editor’s take on cartoon: ‘Provocative yes. Racist? Certainly not in intent’

- Credit: Gary McCoy

– Credit: Gary McCoy

The Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune is getting criticized for running this Gary McCoy syndicated cartoon on Wednesday, next to a Rich Lowry column headlined “Overly aggressive police are being provoked.”

Managing editor Jim Robertson tells Romenesko readers:

I admit I didn’t anticipate the reaction. I’m responding to complaints, most of which have come through the Twitter universe, by asking them to consider the context. On three of the preceding four days our editorial page featured local cartoons about the Michael Brown tragedy, the militarization of the police response and a likeness of Lady Justice with six bullet wounds.

The editorial cartoon yesterday accompanied a Rich Lowry column about the unfortunate presence of looters and how that is not a legitimate form of protest. Provocative yes. Racist? Certainly not in intent.

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